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The Ruthless Mafia VS The Miserable Bodyguard! Thai Drama "KinnPorsche The Series"


History Romance Forbidden Love Min-ho Lee

Sunja embarks on an epic journey far from home and gives birth to Solomon's father.

The novel tells the rise and fall of four generations of a Korean expatriate family in Japan in the long 80 years from 1910 to 1989 in a linear chronological order. This is a sad epic of the Koreans in Japan. The series explains the content of 1910 in a two-line mode, and pushes the time point to 1989. The character throughout the whole story is kind, born in the dark period of Japan's occupation of the Korean peninsula, and has witnessed decades of South Korea. Historical development, from the colonial period to independence and liberation, charity is the most representative image of Koreans in Japan. Born in such a confusing environment, the heroine developed a tough character from a young age, and this toughness made her never learn to bow her head when facing the Japanese army. This was the case when she was a child, and it was still the same when she grew up as a girl. This unwillingness to bow her head suggests various choices made by Charity in the follow-up, but it also opens her tragic life.


fantasy dude hell Hee-seon Kim Rowoon Soo-hyuk Lee

How Breathtaking! The angel of death is saving a suicidal white collar?

The Korean drama Tomorrow has a crisis management team, a group of messengers from the underworld who save lives. The leader of the crisis management team comes from the depths of hell. She has a deep understanding of life, but she is also very extreme. When facing some people who are depressed and in crisis, she often acts resolutely, using the most righteous and awe-inspiring words to try. Awaken those who gave up on themselves and regain hope for life. Although it is a work of the underworld, there are no thrilling pictures in the drama, even the underworld is magnificent, and all the underworld staff are fighting for the reincarnation to have a better life, but the birth rate is low, and those who give up their lives Crisis increased, shrouded in the crisis that is about to be destroyed by the group, only the crisis management team was formed.

3.F4 Thailand

romantic youth campus high society F4 Bright Win

Why did Gorya leave? Can Ren find a way to bring her back?

F4 Thailand has a sense of suffocation and delicacy hidden in Thai dramas, and has local cultural characteristics and heritage. It tells the story of Gorya, a girl from an ordinary family, after entering an aristocratic school, and the process of F4, formed from hostility to friendship with the heirs of the four major families, Thyme, Ren, Kavin, and MJ. During this period, Gorya first fell in love with the taciturn and preoccupied Ren. After the two missed it, Gorya gradually fell in love with Thyme, who was childish and willing to make changes for her. Thyme and Gorya seem to be people from two worlds, but their character and family determine that they must be attracted to each other. Gorya, who was admitted to an aristocratic school with a sports qualification, was always proud of her parents and younger brother. Parents who are not mercenary, a warm and funny family, and even more convincing that Gorya's character of fighting injustice comes from such a family. And even Gorya, who is as ordinary as a weed, is unique in the eyes of the family.

4.KinnPorsche The Series

Gangster Romance CP Violent Action BL

Sensual and thrilling! A mafia member falls in love with a waiter!

In this play, the male protagonist is an orphan. In order to provide for his younger brother to go to school, there is also a gambler's uncle who owes 2 million in debt. He meets a gangster master because of his work, and accidentally becomes the master's bodyguard. fate. Kinn Anakin, the boss of a gangster family, was ambushed by the enemy and was seriously injured. He approached Porsche Phachara in the rain, a student at a certain university. He was working as a part-time waiter. Porsche only cared about his own business and didn't care about the situation at all. Kinn offered to pay him a lot of money if Porsche could help him escape. Porsche accepted his offer and helped him. Porsche is the national judo champion. Kinn was impressed and wanted Porsche to be his bodyguard. Porsche refused, but Kinn wouldn't let him go easily.