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"Crazy love" Between An Overbearing CEO With Amnesia And A Female Secretary With Cancer

1.Crazy love

Office Romance CP Sweet Romantic Comedy Krystal Jung

K-drama Crazy Love by Krystal Jung and Kim Jae Wook is a new sweet yet chaotic romance series! Ready to see the fun?

"Crazy love" starring Krystal and Jae-wook Kim is a laugh-packed romantic comedy! The story tells the romantic story of love and murder between the company representative of the first educational institution and the female secretary who has a very low presence around her! Krystal is a transparent assistant with almost zero presence in the play, who works seriously and responsibly. However, just when she persisted in her dream and celebrated her success in this post for one year, she was diagnosed with a terminal illness, and the doctor also told her that the cause was probably caused by her long-term high-pressure life and work. After being declared to be dying, she went to Mr. Ba's house to make a scene after her emotional breakdown. However, she accidentally encountered Mr. Ba who was deliberately hit by a car and lost her memory. Out of revenge for Mr. Ba, the heroine did it. It was an evil decision, and since then, the identity of the two has changed from a cold boss and a transparent assistant to a fiancée.

2.A Business Proposal

Se-Jeong Kim Office Romance CP Sweet Romantic Comedy

Girl goes on an unexpected blind date with her own boss? Romantic love between boss and humble employee begins!

The show is based on the comics. When adapting this comic, the scenes, characters, and even some details in the comic were restored as much as possible. If the male protagonist wants to inherit the family's business, he must get married first, so the grandfather never tires of arranging various blind dates for his grandson. Coincidentally, one of the blind dates happened to be the heroine's best friend. In order to solve her debt crisis, the heroine decides to go on a blind date instead of her best friend. I thought that relying on exaggerated acting skills and vulgar reasons could leave a bad impression on the male protagonist. Unexpectedly, the male protagonist thinks she is very attractive and decides to marry her!

3.I'm a Cyborg But Thats OK

Chan-wook Park Psychiatric Hospital Romance CP Rain

A Woman Thinks Herself is A Cyborg?!Mentally deranged Young-goon live her life like a robot until he meets another patient Il-soon who will try to cure her!

This movie with a mental patient as the protagonist is quite fresh and cute, imaginative and imaginative! The picture of "I'm a Cyborg But Thats OK" is very beautiful. The heroine's upholstered ward looks like jelly pudding, and the large cloud that appears in the ward gives a warm and soft texture. When the white cloud appeared in the hostess's ward, her patient began to sing along with the background music--the singing was intense but not out of proportion, ego but not lacking in enthusiasm. The New World mental hospital full of fantasy and fantasy in the film is very different from the real one. In such a space, everyone will see distinctive visual effects. The director brings you a different love story through the combination of "mental hospital + cyborg + romantic comedy".

4.Semantic Error

Romance First Love Secret Love BL CP Campus

How did a handsome model fall in love with a dorky computer geek?

"Semantic Error" is adapted from the comic of the same name. It mainly tells the interesting campus love that happened after the two met as developers and designers, and the edge of the computer engineering major with high IQ but 0 emotional intelligence and the high-value design star. story. The ambiguous scale in the early stage of love, the surging undercurrent when two people are alone, the slowed and magnified eye contact, and the physical contact, everything is just right. After watching the whole drama, it is like watching a small fresh and beautiful love movie. Happy friends, enemies become lovers, one is a debauched campus man, a genius with a face and a genius in school; the other is a cold-hearted, cold-hearted person despite his excellent grades, as if he is living in his own program and does not allow order to be beaten. Chaos arrogant junior, what sparks will the two of them collide?