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"Air Doll" Became A Real Person And Fell In Love With A Man!

1.The Pirates: The Last Royal Treasure

Pirate Adventure Action Korean Movie Hyo-joo Han Kwang-soo Lee Se-Hun Oh

Starring Han Hyo-joo, Sehun ‘EXO’, Lee Kwang-soo ‘Running Man’, Chae Soo-bin and many more as pirates!

"The Pirates: The Last Royal Treasure" is a sequel to the 2014 film "The Pirates", but since the characters and stories are all new, even if you haven't seen the first one, it won't affect your viewing of this one . The film tells the thrilling adventure story of the pirates who gathered to compete for the treasures left by the Goryeo royal family after the establishment of the Joseon state with new characters and story settings. Hyo-joo Han plays Hailang, the owner of a pirate ship, a well-known pirate leader with calm judgment, leadership skills and superb martial arts. In the movie, Kwang-soo Lee dreams of becoming the pirate king, but instead of being full of desires, he transformed into a "shield" who caused incidents and accidents with his omission, and injected a unique vitality into the whole drama.


anime cute healing nature

One of the best Studio Ghibli's animated film, Ponyo, tells the story of a beautiful friendship between a boy and the fish he saves.

The film is an animated film directed by Hayao Miyazaki, which tells the story between Ponyo, a mermaid who wants to become a human in the deep sea, and Sosuke, a human boy. The whole film is as beautiful as a childhood dream. Childhood is full of the film all the time. The picture is clean and fresh. Hayao Miyazaki captures every little detail. At the same time, in the film, the mother makes sandwiches and bakes instant noodles. are very close to real life. The same film also tells us to live in peace with nature, we need to respect nature, and only by respecting nature and caring for nature can we get natural feedback, just like the ocean in the film, if we just blindly fish and throw garbage, these harm After a little bit of hoarding, it will cause a huge shipwreck, which is nature's punishment and warning to human beings.

3.Beauty Water

Mystery Horror Crime Fantasy Plastic Surgery Korean Movies

This award-winning Korean horror-thriller tell a tale of woman who wants to be beautiful in a spooky way...

"Beauty Water" has been well-received in the comics for its bizarre style and suspenseful and thrilling plot. The most daring setting in the story is the mysterious and dangerous "Beauty Water" that anyone can use to change their appearance at will. The heroine in the movie is a female celebrity makeup artist. But she is often ridiculed and insulted by female stars. She was plain-looking and bloated. But what is less known is that she was an outstanding ballet dancer as a child, winning numerous awards at national dance competitions. She never mentioned it to anyone because no one would believe it. A person who doesn't have self-confidence in himself, is full of malice around him. Suddenly one day, she received a very strange courier. Inside is "Beauty Water". As a result, the two large bottles of "Beauty Water" were all used up. The story has a surprising twist at the back. It turns out that all this is a trick to Yizhi, and she has already become the prey in the eyes of others.

4.Air Doll

Japanese Movie Hirokazu Koreeda Doona Bae Romance Fantasy Lonely

A Heart-warming Existential Meandering!A blow-up sex doll with a pure humane soul searching for the meaning of existence? 

This film is mainly about the loneliness of people in today's society. Now people's life is getting better and better, and the construction of cities is gradually accelerating. But it is this kind of life, loneliness is like a virus, in people's minds, it slowly grows up. In the beginning, the male protagonist was single, but bought an inflatable doll online. Treating this person as his girlfriend, he would eat and chat with her, and even bathe and dress her like a real person. Slowly, he came to life in such a life. Because of the nourishment of love. When this Doll really became a living person, she was just like a little girl, very curious about everything in the world. So, driven by curiosity, he began to explore the world.