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A Horror And Funny Zombie Movie "The Dead Don't Die"

1.The Dead Don't Die

Zombies Horror Gore Violent Comedy

A mysterious virus secretly invaded a peaceful town, and all the people were fighting over and ravaging zombies!

The film mainly tells about the apocalypse caused by the polar hydraulic fracturing caused by the deviation of the earth's rotation axis, and the apocalypse caused by the apocalypse is the zombie crisis. In a remote and peaceful town in the United States, two zombies crawled out of their peaceful graves and committed their first murder. The three policemen who rushed to the scene judged from experience that it was a raptor and beast who committed the crime, but they could not stop the zombie apocalypse from spreading in the town. It was not until the zombies appeared on a large scale, the news broadcasts on TV changed their caliber, and the people around the police died one after another. They realized the seriousness of the situation and began to organize the people to resist the loss of invasion. This movie has both the zombie crisis in the apocalypse state and the aliens leaving in the spaceship. At the same time, the fourth wall is broken near the end of the film, which has the feeling of a play within a play. It is very different from the previous movies of the same type. There are not too many bloody scenes, and the zombies are also given language. After death, they still habitually use their mobile phones to look for wifi and siri. This is a satire of the current social situation.

2.The 355

Female Agent Spy Action Adventure

A-list actresses assembled! Captain Marvel and Jessica Chastain team up to solve the crisis once and for all!

The film describes when a terrifying weapon of destruction fell into the hands of a transnational criminal organization, CIA agent "Mess" decided to find the elites of intelligence organizations from various countries to form a spy team "355" that transcended national borders, trying to turn the tide and prevent the third time. World War happened. Top female agents from around the world join forces to prevent a global organization from acquiring a weapon that could throw an already unstable world into complete chaos. They must overcome cultural and political differences to form a bond and work together.


war history brutal army navy air force

Not Everyone is Saved From This War...The true story of rescuing 400,000 British soldiers against French troops in world war. Want to know what's the movie?

The film is based on the famous World War II military event "Dunkirk Evacuation". In the early days of World War II, 400,000 British and French Allied troops were besieged by the enemy on the beach of Dunkirk. Facing the desperate situation of the enemy's approaching step by step, the situation was extremely critical. During the retreat, a fierce air battle broke out between the British Air Force and the Luftwaffe. The British government and navy mobilized a large number of crew members to mobilize the people to rescue the army and evacuate most of the soldiers from the European continent. This operation successfully saved a lot of manpower and became the basis of the counter-offensive four years later. The movie unfolds 3 story lines at the same time, from the perspectives of the army, the navy, and the air force. The stories are unfolded respectively. Under the siege of the German army, everyone is ready for the last battle. On land, British soldier Tommy met Gibson and Gibson while fleeing the beach. Alex. At sea, the folk boat owner Mr. Dawson and his son Peter. George, a 17-year-old boy, will also leave the UK for Dunkirk. The three help Navy pilots Collins and Tommy, and Farrier, an air fighter pilot, struggles with the enemy on both sides.


Affair Sexy Photographer Doctor Natalie Portman

So dramatic! Two couples’ relationships get complicated and deceitful as they fall for each other’s lover.

The film tells a story about betrayal. Through this film, you can explore the truth about a man who is keen to cheat.The story begins with the hero Dan and the heroine Anna. Dan has a beautiful and somewhat rebellious young girlfriend Alice, and he falls in love with her at first sight. He writes a novel based on her, but unfortunately the novel does not sell well. He was always absent-minded in this relationship. Later, he met Anna, a photographer with a successful career. He was quickly fascinated by Anna and secretly pursued Anna without his girlfriend.
Anna has her own principles. She doesn't stay with people who have girlfriends. No matter how he pursues her, she avoids seeing them. Later, she married doctor Larry, and the two lived a dull married life. Dan and Anna met again at her photo exhibition, and they were secretly together after that. From then on, the four people developed a complicated relationship. In the end, in order to be with Anna completely, Dan broke up with Alice, and Anna filed for divorce from her husband, but in the end, Dan was selfish, stingy, and possessive. , lost Anna, but also lost Alice who loved him dearly.