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The Romance Of Two Celibates! The Hit Romantic Period Drama "Bridgerton Season 2"

1.The Last Days of Ptolemy Grey

Detective Solving Case Murder Reasoning Brain Burning Suspense

Samuel L. Jackson’s New Series!Left on the brink of dementia, ailing old Ptolemy tries to grasp his final chance of redemption.

The series tells the story of a former family boss and enthusiastic uncle. With the symptoms of Alzheimer's disease, his memory gradually lost and his mind gradually stagnant. However, his grandnephew who took care of him died suddenly and mysteriously. At the funeral of the grand-nephew, the old man happened to meet a kind and helpless girl. The two supported each other and changed the direction of the story. The old man participated in an experimental treatment, which not only regained his memory, but also restored his mind to fullness, but the price of the treatment was that his vitality would quickly burn out. In the last days, the old man decided to find out the truth about the murder of his grandnephew, bring the murderer to justice, and make the ultimate effort for the future of the family and the growth of the youth. This drama not only shows that "people of color are discriminated and ignored, they can only keep improving themselves", but also reflects "the polarized values and thinking of the new generation in today's social environment", and even raises a profound question "in pain. Extend the endless life, or live more wonderfully in the last days."


Anne Hathaway entrepreneurial millionaire

Inspired by a true story, the rise and fall of WeWork and its chaotic love behind will make you jaw drop.

Adam Neumann is a top salesman who would probably be quite successful without WeWork. But his success has been built on a slew of WeWork employees being exploited and a slew of investments that have yet to roll out. And his Jewish circle and his wife Rebekah, who is close to the upper circle, are necessary factors for his success. Adam Neumann is at least a "normal person". Although he is full of the temperament of a cult leader, in order to become rich and satisfy his great ambitions, his motives for doing things are understandable. But Elizabeth Holmes gives people a strong sense of "anti-social personality". She doesn't care about making jokes about other people's health and will use her female identity. It seems that the purpose is not money, but an illusory image. The ideal self who "understands science, can invent, and can be a CEO".

3.Halo Season 1

Sci-Fi Fantasy Futuristic Action

Master Chief is back with his super soldiers against alien invaders!

The story is set in the 26th century in the future. An epic cosmic war between humanity and an alien threat known as the Covenant. In order to fight, mankind has cultivated a group of cold-blooded and ruthless super soldiers. The male protagonist of the show, "Master Chief", is the deadliest killing machine among the super soldiers, and the only hope for the salvation of the civilization pushed to the brink of destruction by the Covenant. He must find the "halo" in order to prevent the destruction of the earth ... The copyright belongs to the author, please contact the author for any form of reproduction. The production level of this drama is very high, the special effects scenes are not stingy, the double main lines, the multi-character story lines are parallel, and the story rhythm is relaxed. It not only discusses the resource competition in human society, but also discusses the revenge of the Covenant princess against the native race after breaking away from being oppressed by humans. Strengthen the free will problem of soldiers and AI.

4.Bridgerton Season 2

Romance Costume Noble Race Class

How does viscount Anthony get himself in a love triangle? Watch Bridgeton family's drama and gossips continue in the latest season!

The story of the second season mainly tells that Anthony, the British nobleman, Viscount Paigeton, has already reached the marriageable age. Now he also makes finding a suitable Viscountess a top priority. However, he has interviewed many women but he is still not satisfied. The costume romantic comedy series "Bridgerton" is now in its second season. Unlike the first season, which focused on the love story of the protagonist, the eldest daughter of the Bridgerton family, Daphne, the second season's story centers on Daphne's brother Anthony. The wife's experience and the test of the love triangle are fully portrayed. One day, Anthony accidentally met the heroine Katie and was deeply impressed by her, but Anthony did not immediately face up to his potential emotions, but instead aimed at Katie's sister, the season's British beauty pageant champion Awenna. . The object of pursuit is different from what you want in your heart, which naturally causes problems. Emotional problems and how good marriage matters are also a major test for Anthony. Behind a love triangle relationship, when will the male and female protagonists get together?