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The Perfect Fusion Of Serial Murder Cases And Comics"Killer Toon", Is It A Coincidence Or Artificial?

1.Killer Toon

Fantasy Supernatural Serial Killer Horror Gore Violent Korean Movies

A horror web-comic artist finds her life and the death of her publisher imitating her own work!?

The heroine of the film is a horror comics writer, her comics are very popular, can be said to be a smash hit. But all the stories also revolve around her comics. Wraiths can take revenge through her comics. She is equivalent to a "tool person", but she will also gain benefits, that is, the benefits brought to her by comics. The plot of "Killer Toon" is interlocking, each twist is unexpected, but it feels expected. The good person I thought had turned into a bad person, but the man behind the scenes was the kindest person. As it turns out, the reversal of the full villain is the highlight of the movie. Everyone has done dirty and vile deeds, and all of them have been punished as they deserved. The heroine lives in nightmares every day, which is not only her punishment, but also her redemption, because many ghosts still need to continue to appear through her comics.


Serial Killer Horror Gore Violent Politics Jong-suk Lee Korean Movies

A Thrilling Hunt Game in 'V.I.P.'A mysterious serial killer slaughters his victims across countries and manages to avoid any arrests. What kind of privilege does he hold?

At the beginning of the film, investigators from the National Intelligence Service are entrusted by a US CIA to perform a "rescue" mission in Hong Kong alone. Just as he was about to complete the rescue mission, the camera turned and the prelude began. The film actually uses a flashback expression, telling a story about rescuing a "guest". A North Korean perverted murderer who came from a powerful family turned to the murder of innocent women because of his physical defects. Every time he changed his residence, there would be serial murders there, and the modus operandi was extremely cruel. Due to political struggles, many international forces are constantly looking for the murderer, and due to his increasingly serious habit of killing 9 people, 9 people were killed, causing panic and protests in the Korean people, so the police also began to track his whereabouts, which led to the The game and contest of multiple forces. The whole film makes people feel heavy and powerless, and the bloody scenes make people feel the insignificance of life and the worthlessness in the face of power.

3.The King of Pig

School Violence Animation Adaptation Cruel Korean Drama

A serial killer is still on the run, and all traces lead to the bullying and trauma 20 years ago.

Adapted from the debut animation of the same name, the play tells the story of school bullying hidden for many years behind a serial murder case. It retains the structure of the original work, but the main narrative is placed on the revenge of the protagonist in the current time and space. Compared with the social criticism of the original version, the focus of the drama version is more focused on the revenge process and suspense tracking of the current time and space. Undoubtedly a more commercial adaptation. In the opening chapter of the original version, one of the protagonists killed his wife. The beginning of the drama version also starts from the scene where the protagonist seems to kill his wife, but the case is regarded as an important mystery of the first episode, and finally revealed: the wife is the one The person who wanted to die with a husband who had a revenge plan in his heart, but the husband who survived by chance, lost the only nostalgia in his life, and finally started his revenge plan without hesitation.

4.My Dress-Up Darling

Anime Cosplay Romance CP Sweet

Sparks of Love Fly in Anime ‘My Dress-Up Darling’!A high school boy crafts cosplay costumes for the most popular girl in school? What a dream came true!

This anime takes cosplay as the main theme and takes the love story of the male and female protagonists as the main line. It is a romantic comedy with a very clear structure. Since the beginning of this anime, it has penetrated into the hearts of the audience with the character of the heroine. The heroine not only has independent thinking but also very correct values. And she has a lively personality and likes games, anime, and cosplay. As the plot progressed, we also saw different Cosplays many times, and felt the different charms of the heroine. And in the process of getting along with the male protagonist, the female protagonist gradually developed a favorable impression of the male protagonist and fell in love with the male protagonist. Two equally excellent people meet each other late because of their common values, and gradually attract each other because of their respective shining points, and then go hand in hand on the road of chasing dreams together.