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The Cost Is Only 200,000, But The Box Office Is As High As 200 Million! Horror Movie "One Cut of the Dead"

1.Blood: The Last Vampire

Demon Superpower Supernatural Violent Gore Gianna Jun

High school girl is a demon hunter?!Bloodthirsty Jun Ji-hyun slays through demons with her katana and saves humanity by herself!

The movie is adapted from the best-selling horror animation of the same name in Japan. The heroine Saya looks like a standard Japanese 16-year-old high school girl, but under her innocent appearance, there is actually a soul that has been cultivated for more than 400 years... Half-human, half-vampire blood, let Since she was born, she has been ostracized by this world. In the blink of an eye, several centuries have passed. The only reason to support Xiaoye's existence in this world is to slay demons and eliminate demons! Lonely Xiaoye adheres to the spirit of Bushido. She uses the samurai sword on her back to eradicate the ghostly scum that roams every dark corner. At the same time, she also struggles with the nature that she must rely on blood to survive. One day, Saya was dispatched to a U.S. Air Force base in Japan to perform a routine mission of exorcising demons. Saya soon realized that this was her best chance to eliminate the most powerful vampire leader, "Onegin". Demonstrating her superhuman strength and mastery of the katana sword, Saya unleashes an unprecedented and earth-shattering demon carnage at a U.S. military base!

2.One Cut of the Dead

Filming Location Violent Gore Zombies Comedy

Director keeps his camera rolling when fake zombies turn out to be real ones in a movie set!

The director uses the form of a play within a play and uses three different angles to reveal to people what a movie is and how it is shaped. The reversal of the plot before and after suddenly makes the whole film's pattern rise. After all, no one ever imagined that behind a run-down film is the team's best efforts to craft it. Tell the audience directly about the fictional nature of the plot, and use this to impress the audience. In an abandoned factory, a crew was shooting a zombie movie. The director had a loud quarrel with the actress because of his acting skills. The atmosphere was tense for a time, and the crew's shooting was also delayed. Suddenly, a strange sound came, and a staff member seemed to have been infected by zombies and had mutated. He begins a bloody and violent escape in this abandoned factory. What will happen to everyone in the final cast?

3.I Spit on Your Grave

Violence Crime Rape True Cruelty Female Revenge

The Bloody Revenge of A Raped Girl!A girl got raped and murdered returns for merciless vengeance!

"I Spit on Your Grave" is one of the few female-violent aesthetic films, and the story focuses on the young and beautiful writer Jenny on a solo vacation in a riverside town. On the way there, she passed a gas station, where three of the five perpetrators made their debut: the wretched elder brother Jonny, the seemingly simple and honest fat Stan and Andy. The fourth perpetrator who then appeared was a timid and cowardly repairman, Matthew. To the audience's surprise, the fifth perpetrator was a policeman, Toqi. The whole process of violence was very lengthy, and just when the audience thought it would be over after the first rape, the second, more tragic rape struck again. The strong visual impact kept the audience's mood on the verge of collapse, which also paved the way for the subsequent revenge.


Costume Joseon Dynasty Monster Violent Hyeri Lee Court Choi Woo-shik

Man-eating monsters threatening the village and the emperor...In 1527, a mysterious vicious creature is roaming around the country as King Jungjong's men try to dethrone their emperor.

The movie tells the story of a huge monster "monster" that suddenly appeared and began to attack the people. People who encounter monsters are always brutally killed by it on the spot. Even if they survive, they will die after being immersed in terrible pain. This instantly plunged the North Korean capital into terror. The vicious monsters disturbed the peace of the country and threatened the safety of the emperor, so the emperor summoned the guards of the original court into the palace to get rid of the monsters. Together with his friends who have followed him for many years, his only daughter and the court's propagandist, the guards formed a monster search team and jointly launched the capture of monsters. In the process of catching the monster, the guard and his team have discovered yet another unbelievably huge secret.