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The Strongest Cast Of The Year Interprets The Most Authentic Island Life! Healing K-drama "Our Blues"


Yeo-Jeong Jo Affair Family Korean Drama

A Thrilling Love Triangle!A babysitter falls in love with the married husband, and things quickly get out of hand.

The series tells the story of the nanny who takes care of the children in a wealthy family and the owner and his wife, the charismatic nanny who unknowingly intervenes in the family. The production of this miniseries is excellent, especially in creating the confrontation, seduction, and relationship between husband, wife, and lover. In the whole play, the attitude of the male protagonist's parents is also very realistic. If there is a problem with the child's marriage, what they think of is not to solve the problem, but to cover up and maintain it, so that the daughter-in-law is sent to the hospital as a mental illness. The heroine clearly loves her husband very much. After learning that the husband still loves him if she divorces her, she will not pretend to be mentally ill to avoid divorce. She wants to save the relationship. But her wrong ways lead to her husband's feelings of growing estrangement from her.

2.Green Mothers Club

Ja-Hyeon Chu family education high society

Learn how to be a great mom!5 desperate moms ally as they share ideas and hilarious experience!

This series describes a group of mothers who are connected because their children are in the same school, but then the secrets of each person's past are revealed. The heroine planned to move out because her son could not integrate into the new environment, but an unexpected incident happened. Makes her decide to join these secretive moms! The combination of old friends and ex-boyfriends seems very dazzling, why does ex-boyfriend always stop talking? For the sake of talent education, mothers touted specific objects and excluded mothers with different ideas. In fact, the plot shows that behind the hard work of parenting, mothers must face their own unbearable past and want to leave everything behind to be themselves.

3.Again My Life

Revenge Fantasy Rebirth Law Joon-gi Lee

Lee Joon-gi Avenges His Murderer!World premiere! Prosecutor Lee Joon-gi travels back in time and arrests his killer!

This drama uses the mode of revenge drama to replace the straightforwardness of justice and judgment of sin, and from a very special angle, everything returns to its original position, and it does not hurt the innocent as much as possible. Because of the change in the male protagonist's fate, everything changed accordingly, like a correction after a dislocation, this time who was thrown downstairs is no longer the same. After the male protagonist was reborn, the best thing he learned was to use the bad guys to beat the bad guys, protect the relatively kind people among them, and then find ways to fight them layer by layer. The advantage of this trick is not to die too early. In his new life, the male protagonist did not have a complete smooth sailing. Instead, he lived a steady life step by step. Yu Longxiu, who met the king of auctions, studied carefully, and did not lose himself in the greed of money. , every time I deal with a problem, it is so heartwarming.

4.Our Blues

CP Romance Healing Byung-hun Lee Sin Min-ah Seung-won Cha Woo-bin Kim Ji-min Han

Sin Min-ah & Lee Byung-hun Reunion!The much-anticipated series is out now! K-stars go through ups and downs together on bustling Jeju Island.

In the form of a unit drama, it tells the story of human love that happened in Jeju Island. The acting skills of all the members are very good, and the movement of the mirror is also clean and natural. The boy who used to be the most handsome, studied, played and played the best went to the metropolis of Seoul, but went bankrupt because of his daughter's expensive hobby; the short girl who sold fish who stayed in the small village turned around, sitting on hundreds of millions of cash and a single-family building. So life is never fixed. In the two traffic jams, all the characters appear, the characters are perfectly presented, and the rhythm is well entered. The stories of three pairs of men and women are perfectly connected. May be able to see the life of the sea every day, so the mood is more optimistic, vast and free and easy. When the bright moon rises from the sea and loneliness is hidden, people are always praying for more peace and freedom.