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Daredevil, Who Accidentally Acquired Superpowers, Takes Revenge At Night!


Ben Affleck Colin Farrell superpower superhero lawyer revenge save the world

'Batman' Ben Affleck was Daredevil?!Is the 2003 Daredevil more badass and handsome?

Matt Murdock is the son of a boxer. When he was a child, he was injured by chemicals when he saw his father do bad things to escape, and unfortunately caused his blindness in both eyes. However, after losing his eyesight, Matt's remaining four senses, hearing, touch, smell, and taste, have become super-sensitive. After careful training, Matt has superpowers like a radar, allowing him to "see" any corner of the city while sitting at home and closing his eyes, becoming another civilian hero. Later, his father realized that he was killed by bad guys. He vows revenge for innocent victims and fights the evil forces in the city. By day he's an ordinary New York lawyer, but when night falls, he puts on a red leotard and becomes Daredevil.

2.Mr. Nobody

Jared Leto Sci-Fi Futurama Fantasy Space Family

What if life has infinite possibilities?A sentimental classic! Jared Leto travels down the memory lane and unfolds infinite paths of his life!

In the future of 2092, Mars has become a popular holiday destination for people on Earth. The 118-year-old male protagonist is the last natural person who has not died. With a chaotic memory, he kept recalling his childhood in hypnosis and interviews again and again, but at each life bifurcation point, a completely different life was derived. This film is like an unfinished fantasy journal, combining the wise reflection of an old man and the innocent reverie of a child. Dormer carefully constructed Nemo's memories, just to tell people that living in doubt has been denied time and time again. , from fiction to fiction, no one is real. The road of life constructed by the film with multiple narrative techniques, each time gives people a thought about life choices.


Save the World Blood Inspirational Unity Ultraman Japanese Animation

Get ready to armor up for the battle of justice once again!

A large number of people on earth have disappeared around the world. Rena and Shinjiro also disappeared at the same time. Under such circumstances, freelance journalist Toko Taro and his lover Izumi investigate the mystery of the "disappearance incident" together. The real body of the aliens is the terrorist organization "Dark Star". They issued a threatening statement to the world, "It is to wipe out half of the human beings, or cede half of the earth, whichever is the best choice."At that time, Shinjiro and Rena, who disappeared, were transported to an alien spaceship in satellite orbit. Being involved in the battle between the "Dark Star" and the Kurt team, Kotaro, who knew too much, almost lost his life... The opponent in the decisive battle is the huge weapon "Golden Fortress". Against the giant machine that destroys the city, in addition to Ultraman, Seven, Taylor, Zoffi, Jack, and Ace also participated in the battle. Finally, the Ultra Six have assembled!

4.Why Didn't They Ask Evans?

Murder Mystery Crime Mystery

Premiering now! The latest 1930s-style crime series deserves your binge-watching!

Adapted from the novel of the same name, this drama mainly tells the story of two amateur detectives, a priest's son and a socialite, who accidentally stumble upon a murder case. The title of the play is revealed in the first 5 minutes, but it is unbelievable. Dying man grabbed pastor's son's hand and told the biggest mystery of the show. Why Didn't They Ask Evans? , instead showed a playful smile, thinking that this investigation trip would be very thrilling, which also implied that she would investigate the case with the priest's son. At the same time, this journey to solve the case is also full of dangers. The priest's son was lying on the hospital bed and was told that someone wanted to poison him. The murderer took up the knife again and aimed at the innocent victim...