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The Monk Couldn't Resist The Temptation To Fall In Love With The Girl! A Philosophical Film"Spring, Summer, Fall, Winter... and Spring"


Youth Campus Friendship Comedy Female Reality Hyo-rin Min So-Ra Kang

This movie captures the truest youth of all girls!

The film is a traditional Korean warmth theme. It records the changes of 7 women in a small group from high school "Little Taimei Seven Fairies" to middle-aged everyone. After the reunion, they are still close and the friendship will last forever. When they reach middle age, their life trajectories are not what they had hoped, and they are even different. The most eccentric became a housewife with no opinion. It is obvious that the last financial income of Ji Duo’s body comes from her husband, and she is looked down upon by her daughter. The worker who wants to become Miss Korea becomes a worker on a romantic occasion, and even takes the ransom to get out of the sea of misery. Not coming out; the most swearing person turned into a lady in order to please her husband, but experienced her husband cheating; the top student who was proficient in literature and knowledge was suppressed by her mother-in-law, and she didn’t even go to the house to talk to her friends. In the end, they became farther and farther away from the original self, and became the most mediocre people.

2.Drowning Love

CP romantic youth campus Masaki Suda Nana Komatsu

This is a movie that truly interprets the cruel love of youth.

The movie is adapted from the manga of the same name. It tells the love story of a girl model Xia Ya who transfers to the countryside and meets a peer of the same age, Ah Hang, who has a unique temperament. The two attract each other and experience setbacks and rebirth together. Xia Ya often follows Ah Hang to the beach. They play and play and jump into the sea together. Xia Ya knows that she is in love with him. But unfortunately, at the town's annual memorial service, Xia Ya was attacked by a wretched man. Ah Hang ran to save Xia Ya, but was stoned by a wretched man and was powerless to resist. Although Xia Ya was successfully rescued in the end, for Ah Hang, he hated himself for not protecting Xia Ya well. The two broke up completely, even though Ah Hang still protected Xia Ya. . This movie perfectly achieves a high degree of unity of aesthetics, providing a visual feast for all moviegoers, which is also the most popular place for this movie.

3.The Beauty Inside

CP Romance Fantasy Korean Movies 189.Hyo-joo Han Shin-hye Park Seo-Joon Park Kang-joon Seo Dong-Wook Lee Cheon Woo-Hee

The strongest cast of the year in South Korea will jointly perform a fantasy love story!

Although the male protagonist of this movie is not an alien, he is not an ordinary person either. He has a little-known secret: After the age of 18, when he wakes up every day, he will be a different age, nationality, and gender than the day before. The lonely Kim Woo-jin fell in love with a girl. He goes to the furniture store where the girl works every day to buy products. For the girl, he is just a first-time guest. But the girl still fell in love with the male protagonist involuntarily. Slowly the girl also learned the secret of the male lead, and she began to break down because she had to adapt to different boyfriends every day. The girl who can't bear the pressure chooses to break up with the male lead. But in the end, the girl found that she couldn't live without the male lead.

4.Spring, Summer, Fall, Winter... and Spring

Religion Philosophy Break Forbidden Love Ki-duk Kim Monk Humanity Ethics

Two monks and a woman explain human nature with simple principles

In the summer, the mother came to Shengsheng Nunnery with her sick daughter and asked the old monk to cure the disease. The young monk and the girl had a secret relationship. After the old monk found out, he sent the girl away, and the young monk also left, and took away the cock that reminded him to be disciplined. This also indicates that there will be no old monk's reminder and exhortation for the young monk to lead to a tragic ending in the future. In the autumn, the young monk came back. This time he killed his wife and was chased back by the police. In order to let the young monk let go of the killing in his heart, the old monk asked him to carve scriptures. At this time, the little monk also began to wake up. When he finally left, the police didn't put handcuffs on him. Perhaps this was a sign of respect for the old monk. The old monk also waved goodbye to the young monk and set himself on fire to apologize.