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Oscar-winning Film "The Power of the Dog" Reveals Hidden Desires And Human Struggles From A Female Perspective

1.The Power of the Dog

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From a female perspective and delicate techniques, the director expresses the repressed secret desires and twisted psychology of the characters, and profoundly reveals the struggle between good and evil in human nature.

The film is adapted from the novel of the same name. In the 1920s, Phil Bamberk, who ran a ranch in the northwestern state of Montana, was full of hostility and hatred for Rose, the newly married widow of his brother George, and was retaliated by Rose's son Pete. , the story of being infected with anthrax and dying. Through many details, the film expresses the repressed secret desires and distorted psychology of the characters. Phil's curled up sleeping position, his behavior of not taking a bath with everyone, and his fanatical worship and commemoration of Bronk Henry all hinted at Phil's true inner desire. However, after the death of Bronk Henry, Phil had to suppress his true emotional desires, and the long-term repression led to his distorted psychology and weird behavior. The film's critique of American social ethics in the 1920s and its revelation of the dark side of human nature are thought-provoking and alarming.

2.Brokeback Mountain

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Two men hid secrets for a lifetime

In western Wyoming, America, the quiet farmer Ennis and the enthusiastic cowboy Jack are sent to the mountains to herd sheep. On a cold night, under the influence of alcohol and hormones, they broke the psychological defense line and fell in love with each other involuntarily, so they spent the best time in their lives on Brokeback Mountain. The delicate emotions are vividly explained in this film. There are three women in the film who are sadly vulnerable: Alma, Lorraine, and Cassie. Alma may be lucky, because she still finds out Ennis and Jack's romance; Lorraine didn't realize it until Jack died on the phone with Ennis; and Cassie, who met Ennis at the bar, was From beginning to end, I don't understand why Ennis turned a blind eye to her love. The psychological scenes and subtle changes of the three women's expressions were all captured by the camera. In this "Men's Love" drama, the wonderful performances of these actresses not only did not appear abrupt, but added a lot of bright colors to the whole film. 

3.The Cornered Mouse Yearns Cheese

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Can love change a man's nature? This movie tells you the answer

The film is adapted from the popular BL comic, and tells the story of Gongyi's derailment, and his wife commissioned a private detective Xiao She to investigate. Xiao She is an apprentice who has been infatuated with Gong Yi for seven years, and trades her tight-lipped for her skin. After Gongyi divorced, Xiao She took care of him in every possible way, and even moved to a small room to face each other day and night. Although the senior doesn't want to get divorced, who would have thought that the wife's purpose of looking for someone to check him is to share a little more money during the divorce, because the wife wants to divorce, because she has someone she likes... After the junior left, the senior He started walking with his boss's daughter and started talking about marriage.

4.Call Me by Your Name

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Behind every frame of close-up, there is love across genders

The film is based on Andre Aciman's novel of the same name, and the story takes place in a small town in southern Italy in summer. Whenever a student came to town, Elio would give up his room and live next door. Following them to town this year is Oliver, an American doctoral student. During his time with Oliver, Elio developed a special affection for his profound knowledge, philosophical insight and musical resonance. Oliver also had the same feeling for Elio, but due to people's unenlightened attitude towards homosexuality in the 1980s, and the 24-year-old Oliver lives in a traditional Jewish family, the two have always been ambiguous. Unclear. It wasn't until one night of confusion that the two really revealed their true feelings to each other.