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The Romantic Youth Movie "After" Truly Describes The Sexual Enlightenment Of Adolescence!

1.Through My Window

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Spanish version of "Fifty Shades Freed", romantic and sweet!

The film tells that Rachel falls madly in love with her charming and mysterious neighbor Ares. Although she has been watching Ares silently, they have never said a word. However, Rachel's goal is clear, which is to make Ares fall in love with her. However, she is not a silly and sweet girl, and she didn't want to give everything for this, let alone lose herself. Can she make Ares fall in love with her? The heroine's secret was discovered by the hero, and the hero started to take the initiative to attack, and soon the heroine fell, and the two were together. But every time he got up, the male protagonist left very coldly. It turned out that he found out about the scandal of his father and mother when he was a child. He began to not believe in love and only wanted to play in the world. The heroine disapproved at first, but was humiliated because of a party, because her mother served as a waiter at the banquet at the man's house, which made the heroine humiliated and felt that she was not the same kind of person. In addition, the arrogance of the male protagonist's family made the female protagonist very uncomfortable, so she beat the male protagonist and ran away. From then on, the heroine began to stay away from the male lead. No matter how the male lead retained or expressed it, she would not forgive her. But in fact, the heroine was very painful. With the encouragement of her mother, she went to find the hero again. After experiencing life and death, the two were better together and never separated again.

2.The Perfect Date

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The boy pretends to be a rich second generation and dates different girls every day!

The male protagonist was born in an ordinary family, but he studied well, not only was admitted to the university he likes, but also very talented. But he did not have any funds to support his tuition fees. But fortunately, he has smart talents, that is, he uses his own advantages to make some extra money. He launched a mobile app that rented himself out as a fake date, and in the process developed a real emotion.


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The hottest youth movie all over the world!

The film's heroine, Tessa, is a good student and a good girl. When Tessa steps into a college campus and starts a new life with great ambitions, she meets the mysterious, dark, repressed, rebellious Harding with tousled brown hair. , with an arrogant British accent, he is different from anyone Tessa knew before. Although he is cute, he also has a rude and even cruel side. Harding's attitude is enough to make Tessa hate her, and she does. Until the two kissed in the same room, Tessa's passion was ignited. Harding insists that they are not the same people and disappears time and time again, but Tessa digs deeper each time, working to find Harding's true face under the lies. See how a good girl subdues a bad boy step by step!

4.The Kissing Booth

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The plot of Mary Sue on campus satisfies the good wishes of adolescent girls!

Elle and Lee, a pair of childhood sweethearts, were born on the same day in the same month and the same year. The two have loved to dance on the dance machine since they were children, and they have a very tacit understanding and say nothing. In order to maintain their friendship, the two made a series of agreements at the age of six. Lee's brother, Noah. Since childhood, she has shown a love for fighting, and when she grows up, she has become the school's grass-roots character, picking up countless girls. One day, Elle found that she was infatuated with Noah, but the ninth article of Heli's agreement stipulated that relatives of friends must not touch. She takes a fancy to Herry's friendship, so she tries her best not to fall in love with Noah. At a night party, a boy harassed Elle and was knocked down by Noah. Noah took her to a place only he knew. The two got together after they exchanged their minds there. At the same time, Elle also made three agreements, not to fight, not to order her, and no one could know that they were in love. Noah agreed.