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When You Are Sleeping,The Pervert Is Hiding Under Your Bed!Suspense Movie "Mientras duermes"

1.Gone Girl

Affair Murder Marriage Mystery Crime Thriller

In the face of cheating men, never underestimate the intelligence of women

The whole film is about the hero and heroine who fell in love at first sight and quickly entered the marriage. After two years of marriage, there were economic problems, so the two began to have conflicts, gaps and suspicions. Once, the heroine discovered that the hero was cheating. She felt angry and chose to forbear, so she carefully planned a murder, manipulated everything for more than two years, and left all kinds of evidence, the purpose was to convince the police and the public that the male protagonist killed her, so that he could be imprisoned. , accept the death penalty. While leaving the mystery, she chose to travel alone, or she chose to die because she wanted to see the male protagonist being punished with her own eyes. Unfortunately, two thugs stole her cash and disrupted her plans. So she came back and used her ex-boyfriend, the rich, to settle down. However, after hearing the male protagonist's full of lies and hypocrisy, she did not wake up. She chose to pretend to be kidnapped by the rich, killed the rich, and returned to the family.


Murder Metaphor Mystery Ah-in Yoo Crime Thriller Cannes Film Festival

Do you understand the metaphorical details and images behind the 3-minute nude dance?

This film is a masterpiece that has both the literary quality of Haruki Murakami and the spirit of Faulkner. In terms of audiovisual expression, the director's excellent control of the image enables the film to combine the three characters through a large number of metaphors. The different pains and predicaments of characters from different classes are vividly displayed, especially in the movie where the heroine strips and dances under the sunset, it pushes the loneliness that the movie envisions to a climax, and the helplessness and embarrassment in the face of reality , the movie burns with loneliness as fuel, cold and charming. This suspenseful drama as smooth as Black Panther not only allows the audience to see a suffocating performance, but also is full of originality and innovation that are more important than anything else.

3.Mientras duermes

Hentai Mystery Crime Thriller

When you are fast asleep, the pervert is hidden under your bed!

When a woman comes home from get off work, she doesn't know that there is a man hiding under her bed. Every night, the man sneaks into his home in advance and peeps at everything about him. When the woman falls asleep, the man will climb out of the bed, Put on a mask, then poured the drug on the cotton cloth, stunned him, and then lifted the quilt and got into his quilt to do whatever he wanted. The next day, the man would get up early, take a shower with the woman's toothbrush, inject an unknown liquid into the woman's makeup, and sneak away. When the woman woke up, she was unaware of what happened last night, but felt that she woke up every day feeling particularly deficient. Day by day, the heroine was pregnant. Boyfriend doesn't believe the child is his because they haven't seen each other for a year. The killer ended up committing suicide...

4.Silent Witness

Remake Chaebol Murder Crime Mystery

Daughter who killed mother was acquitted! This is a film remake from China

The movie tells the story of a wealthy girl who accidentally killed her stepmother, and her father, Lin Taishan, began to come out to clean up the mess. Meruo also made a killing game, and the target of killing was You Na. Lin Taishan said after watching the game screen and said something to be released publicly, so that the number of people online on the hot spot will increase fivefold. This foreshadowing is very interesting, a small episode that enriches the two characters. The film focuses on the intricate relationships of the characters and the diverse emotional changes of the characters. The film centers on the elusive character of the male protagonist, the chaebol Lin Taishan, around the theme of family and money and Lin Taishan's ideological changes, and unfolds the plot in a way of uncovering mysteries layer by layer.