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The Girl Pretends To Be A Eunuch And Falls In Love With The Prince! Romantic Costume K-drama "Moonlight Drawn by Clouds"

1.Moonlight Drawn by Clouds

Bo-Gum Park Yoo-Jeong Kim Jung Jin-young Costume Romance CP Court Intrigue Cross-dressing Eunuch Emperor

The plot of this drama's court Mary Sue is sure to make you blush!

The drama tells the story of the heroine who has to disguise herself as a man and become a eunuch in the palace in order to survive. She got along with the prince for a long time, and gradually the prince found that he had an inexplicable affection for the eunuch, and even if "he" was a male, he wanted to try whether he could fall in love. When the eunuch put on a skirt and danced in order to save the emergency, it was the first time that he exposed his true gender in the palace. In order to survive, the heroine was asked by her mother to pretend to be a boy since she was a child. Unexpectedly, she entered the palace and fell in love with the most honorable prince in the palace. Will the two of them be able to achieve happiness in the end?

2.The Tale of Nokdu

So-hyun Kim Costume Romance CP Court Intrigue Crossdressing

A boy pretends to be a girl and enters the widow's village! The truth behind it is shocking...

Based on the popular webtoon of the same name, the series tells the story of a boy who lurks in a mysterious widow village disguised as a woman and a girl who doesn't want to be a prostitute after their own secret encounters. The setting of men disguised as women makes the daily life of the male protagonist full of dramatic conflicts. With the development of the plot, because the male protagonist is afraid that his identity will be discovered, he simply asks the female protagonist to call her mother. This plot surprises, surprises and stimulates the audience. The emotional development of the male and female protagonists has also been naturally promoted, and the right physical contact between the two sides has touched the hearts of the audience. The show's story structure becomes more solid with the addition of plots and characters that weren't in the original manga.

3.The Moon Embracing the Sun

Costume Romance Miko CP Court Imperial Conspiracy Soo-hyun Kim Ga-in Han Si-wan Yim Jin-goo Yeo Yoo-Jeong Kim So-hyun Kim

Korea's annual viewing champion! The strongest cast lineup interprets court sadomasochism!

This series is adapted from the novel of the same name, and tells the story of a virtual dynasty set in the Joseon Dynasty. The witch was hunted down for witnessing the conspiracy of the palace, but fortunately, the heroine's mother was rescued. The witch saw that the heroine was noble and glorious, but as long as she got close to the emperor, she would encounter disaster. In order to repay the kindness of the heroine's family, the witch entrusted her friend who was also a witch to protect the child before she died. Thirteen years later, the heroine met the prince by chance, and the prince fell in love with the heroine at first sight. But a conspiracy in the harem completely changed the fate of the two, and the witch's prophecy became a reality step by step. Can the love between the prince and the heroine be consummated?

4.Mr. Queen

Costume Time Travel Transgender Romance Comedy CP Court Imperial Conspiracy

The man accidentally traveled to ancient times and turned into the emperor's concubine!

The series is a remake of a Chinese costume drama and is based on important historical figures of the court during the Joseon Dynasty's Cheoljong period. The real history part is mainly based on the 14 years of Cheoljong's reign. In the past, his family was involved in a counter-conspiracy and was exiled to Ganghwa Island. The uneasy psychology, the puppet life after ascending the throne. Although it is a romantic comedy, the conspiracy of the palace fighting drama, the revenge of Zhezong, and the evil of the villain Jin Zuogen are the backbone of the plot. And behind this backbone, family politics is involved. Not only Zhezong is used as a puppet, but women are also used as pawns in political struggles to be used by the family. Both heroines in the play suffered from this.