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Why Did A Youth Movie "Lady Bird" Become An Oscar Favorite?

1.The Perks of Being a Wallflower

Youth CP Emma Watson first love secret love growth campus friendship

This movie describes the truest youth!

Charlie in the film is a high school student who is introverted and doesn't like socializing. Later, a pair of senior, restructured family siblings entered his life. He became Mary's boyfriend and fell deeply in love with Sam. His life seemed to be enriched, he went to parties, gained friendship and love. He's thoughtful, empathetic, and he tries to make everyone happy. But when his friends all went to college, the hallucinations began to pop up again and again in his mind. The pain of the past lingers: One is the suicide of his best friend Mike. The second is that he hates his aunt for molesting him but feels deeply guilty for his aunt's accidental death. Charlie woke up from the hospital after a suicide attempt, and finally spoke to the doctor about the painful memories that brought him. Charlie no longer carried those heavy pasts alone. With the help of friends and family, Charlie gradually healed himself, opened his heart, and the wallflower boy walked down the wall.

2.Before Sunrise

Romance One Night Stand CP Oscar Ethan Hawke Julie Delpy

This has to be the most romantic one night stand you've ever seen!

Jesse and Selena met on a train, and Jesse started chatting with her, finding that there seemed to be some kind of gravitational pull between the two, and there would always be many topics that interest each other. When the train stops in Vienna, Jesse makes a decision and invites Selena to get off with him. Because he will be leaving France tomorrow, he thinks it will be interesting to spend the last night with Selena. Selena hesitated for a while, then agreed to him after seeing the sincere invitation of the other party. The two walked on the road together, but found each other embarrassed to the extreme. To ease the atmosphere, they played a game of "truth" on the bus so that both sides could get to know each other quickly. When the dawn rises, the moment of parting follows, and it is hard to part with each other, and they are very afraid that they will miss it and never see each other again. So, it was agreed to come to Vienna again in six months, to the station where they got off.

3.Love & Other Drugs

Romantic CP Sex Jake Gyllenhaal Anne Hathaway

A scumbag falls in love with a sick woman and grows up for love!

The film mainly tells the story of Jamie, who is very eloquent, because he cheated with a female employee and was fired by his boss. In order to make money, he had to join Pfizer as a drug salesman, so he met Maggie, who was suffering from Parkinson's disease. . The romantic Jamie began to intertwine with Maggie because she was a fake intern. Maggie, who was suffering from Parkinson's disease, was tortured by the pain and protected herself with a bad attitude, but she loved life and didn't want to be because of herself. And delayed Jamie, but Jamie did not give up Maggie because of Maggie's illness. Jamie, who has been wandering for 30 years, has also learned to be responsible, and Maggie, who has no hope for her future, has also found a safe home.

4.Lady Bird

Saoirse Ronan Timothée Chalamet  Youth CP family growth campus

This is the most authentic movie about adolescence, love, friendship and family!

The protagonist Christine is a high school student living in Sacramento, northern California. Her family is in average conditions, and her father is at risk of losing her job at any time. Despite her average grades, Christine has always dreamed of leaving her hometown and going to college in a big city. Not only was she tired of her hometown, but she also hated that the name her parents gave herself was too ugly, so she changed her name to "lady bird", which is Miss Bird. When Miss Bird told the school teacher that she wanted to get into Yale, the teacher smiled sarcastically and responded that it was impossible. In the face of real thoughts, the teacher's performance is the same as that of her mother, and she does not approve or encourage her. When the mother found out that her daughter was still applying for the university in the big city behind her back, she was very sad and she was silent. Surrounded by the strange things around her, she began to miss her familiar environment and her mother's teaching. She introduced the name "Christine" to her new friends, and she no longer despised her hometown. When I'm drunk, I call my mom and I just want to say, Mom, I love you.