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Why Did The Movie"Birdman or (The Unexpected Virtue of Ignorance)" That Complains About The Status Quo Of Hollywood Win The Oscar For Best Picture?

1.Birdman or (The Unexpected Virtue of Ignorance)

Edward Norton Emma Stone real midlife crisis hollywood showbiz oscars split personality

The film won an Oscar for Best Picture!

The protagonist of the movie is an out-of-date actor whose career is stagnant in his middle age and his family life is not harmonious. He was unwilling to have no chance to turn over in his acting career, so he found another excellent actor to play together, and then some unpleasant things happened in the cooperation. His works were also criticized and pointed out by female critics. My lack of caring for my daughter in the past led to distraction at work, and my relationship with my ex-wife was entangled with many contradictions. Such a middle-aged and elderly person who is extremely unhappy in work and life, under the increasingly severe pressure, fantasizes the image of the superhero who played "Birdman" in the past as the object of discussing problems and venting emotions. The film features a split-personality protagonist who often fantasizes about wielding the superhero powers of "Birdman" characters. All this is enough to show how much the protagonist looks forward to his life and work, and even wants to turn the situation around with fervent passion.

2.Magic in the Moonlight

Emma Stone Woody Allen Colin Firth Magic Romance CP

The magic of love will overcome all obstacles!

This is a romantic film full of magical fantasy, and the director has added elements of comedy, making the originally charming film lead to a farce ending. The upper class in France is a paradise for gentlemen and ladies. In the twenties of the last century, a French mother and daughter lingered in the gardens of the upper class. Their daughter Sophie was very beautiful and aura. Possessing the ability of a psychic medium and a little fame. Stanley is a magician, entrusted by a friend, to expose the mother-daughter deceit. When he saw the beautiful Sophie, he couldn't help but be attracted by her charm. The male and female protagonists of the film have two characteristics. The male protagonist is rational and the female protagonist is more emotional. The two have completely different world views, but they are attracted to each other.

3.Miss and Mrs. Cops

Cop Dude Crime Women Comedy Action Sung-Kyung Lee

Girl commits suicide in front of police station! What is the story behind her?

The heroine of the movie was originally a female criminal police officer, but she was transferred to the petition office because she accidentally injured someone while chasing the criminal. That day, she witnessed a girl commit suicide at the door of the petition office, and she was particularly shocked. She made inquiries in various ways to find out that the girl had been secretly filming the video, and the other party also uploaded the video to the Internet to make money. The girls were unbearable and could only choose to commit suicide. After her investigation and discovery, such similar cases emerged one after another, but the website was still running, and the number of suicides was also rising, but no one paid attention to it. They felt that there was no way to investigate suicide. These girls seek justice and eliminate criminals.

4.Where'd You Go, Bernadette

housewife gifted woman redemption family

Talented women are honed by reality into ordinary housewives. A trip she completed self-redemption!

The film is adapted from the novel of the same name, telling that the heroine Bernadette was a talented architect before she got married, and is quite famous in the industry. There is even a documentary about her deeds, because of the building she is proud of. Forced to be demolished, he retired in a fit of rage. During this period, I met the male protagonist and got married smoothly. After many miscarriages and miscarriages, I finally gave birth to a daughter. But her peaceful life was broken after all. She was told that she was involved in an international fraud case, and was suspected of being mentally ill by her husband, and was almost forced to be sent to a mental hospital. She finally escaped successfully with the help of her neighbors and embarked on a trip to Antarctica alone. During this trip, she found her life value, to get back the old self.