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Zombie Virus Outbreak! A Malfunctioning Elevator Becomes The Only Safe Zone! Horror Movie "The End?"

1.You Won't Be Alone

Horror Fantasy Witch Gore Violent Thriller

Best Horror Movie of the Year!

The film tells that in a remote mountain village in Macedonia in the 19th century, a young witch living in the forest is full of curiosity about human life. She accidentally kills a villager and then uses the villager's skin to dress up as a human being. It also completely inspired the witch's curiosity, she wanted to dress up as a different human to live. The outer shell of the film is a magical and terrifying witch element, but the inner part is to examine the relationship between men and women in Western feudal society from the perspective of different people. Although the heroine has seen all the ugliness in the world, she still chooses to believe in love in the end, bloody but beautiful.

2.The End?

Zombie Virus Horror Doomsday Survival bloody violence

The zombie virus broke out, and a malfunctioning elevator became a safety fortress!

It's a disaster movie, but it's basically centered around one scene, the elevator room of an office building in the city of Rome. Small scenes show the whole city disaster scene, this kind of movie is not easy to make. Not only what happened in the office building outside the elevator, but also what happened to the client waiting for him to talk about business, his wife at home, and a friend who was going to his house to help; through the hero, and through the rescue police, many The clue is to try to get the full picture of the disaster as big as possible; not only the disaster, but also the scumbag side of the male protagonist by starting to meet the beautiful woman in the elevator. I've seen such films before, and the stories of the outside world can be subtly represented through phone booths and even coffins.


Samuel L. Jackson John Cusack Zombie Virus Horror Doomsday Survival bloody violence

People are turned into zombies by mobile phone control!

The film tells the story of a sudden apocalyptic catastrophe, where mobile phone waves control human beings to become walking dead and endanger human beings. The director described the zombies here as creatures with collective actions with bold imagination. Different from the previous law of zombies that go out at night, the zombies here will lose their mobility at night, but there are other characteristics that make them particularly ferocious. The tenth minute of the film's opening basically sets up the entire tense atmosphere and tone. The location is in a crowded airport (of course, it's actually an entire city or even bigger). The target is everyone who is using mobile phones to talk, and the method is to destroy normal through message waves. The human brain can turn a person into an "unconscious walking dead" in just a few seconds.


Evil spirit possessed supernatural horror family affection

The grandmother who raised the girl wanted to take her life?

A Parisian model had to return to Madrid because her grandmother was ill. But unexpectedly, this trip home turned into a nightmare. An ancient demon took over the body of the heroine's grandmother very early, and used this body to give birth to the heroine's father (or mother). killed when. When the grandmother's body was about to die, it began to take the body of the heroine, and now it has obtained the body of the heroine, and lived happily for decades, during which a child and a half-daughter were reborn, and when it was about to die, it took over the body of the descendant again, And so on indefinitely, these deprived people are just a container for it, and there is no family or even blood at all.