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Dr. Morbius launches a dark attack!

1.The Time Traveler is Wife

Romance·Sci-Fi·Time Travel(Release Date:2022/5/16)

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Romance Sci-Fi Time Travel

How can a man who can travel through time and space at any time be with the woman he loves forever? A touching and beautiful love story is coming soon.

2.Everything Everywhere All at Once

Comedy·Adventure·Fantasy(Release Date:2022/5/17)

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Comedy Adventure Fantasy

The most anticipated movie! Starring Michelle Yeoh, an ordinary woman unexpectedly discovers that she can travel through the multiverse and take on the responsibility of saving the world! What kind of hilarious stories will happen ?


Sci-Fi·Superhero·Thriller(Release Date:2022/5/17)

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Sci-Fi Superhero Thriller

Marvel's latest superhero movie! The most alternative dark hero, Dr. Morbius, suffers from a rare blood disease. When he is determined to eradicate the disease, he finds that his evil desires are unleashed. How will the choice be made?

4.Cyber Hell: Exposing an Internet Horror

Documentary·Crime(Release Date:2022/5/18)

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Documentary Crime

A documentary revealing " Nth Room "case!An anonymous online chat room, a hotbed of sex crimes, based on interviews, archives, animations and scene reconstructions, bringing the evil of digital crime to the public!

5.Love, Death & Robots Season 3

Animation·Horror·Sci-Fi(Release Date:2022/5/20)

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 Animation Horror Sci-Fi

High-scoring animated short is back! Produced by David Fincher! From unearthing ancient evil creatures to exploring the end of the world, 9 stories combining fantasy plots and stunning visuals are about to dominate the popularity!