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The Girl Is Cursed With A Pig Nose! How To Break The Curse? Romantic Movie"Penelope"Tells You The Answer


James McAvoy Christina Ricci Fantasy Curse Romance CP Witchcraft

The girl was cursed, her nose turned into a pig's nose! What will she do to break the curse?

The heroine of the movie is a beautiful little girl, but when she was born, the witch cursed her and her nose turned into a pig nose. Her mother also protected her very well. When she was approaching adulthood, her mother arranged a lot of blind dates for her. But every blind date was unsuccessful because they didn't want to face a pig's nose all day. Later, the heroine felt that such a life was really unbearable, so she wanted to run away from home. When she ran away from home, the heroine met many friends. When the heroine was drunk, her best friend and friends took off her turban to save her, and found that the heroine was a pig nose, but the girlfriend and her friends were not afraid or surprised, but fell in love with this cute girl 's mistress. Later, the heroine became more and more famous. The men who once despised him also proposed to the heroine for the sake of the heroine's fame. However, when the wedding was held, the heroine chose to run away. This made his mother particularly disappointed, so he went after the heroine, but the heroine thought he liked her current appearance very much, and she wanted to be herself. At this time, the nose actually returned to normal. The pig-nosed witchcraft that has dragged him down for 19 years has finally been solved. It seems that the secret to breaking the witchcraft is to love yourself well.

2.Notting Hill

Hugh Grant Romantic CP Classic

Romance between an ordinary man and a superstar!

The story takes place in Notting Hill, England, where there are English-style streets, romantic private gardens and a handsome male protagonist William. William runs a travel bookstore with a bleak business. After his divorce, his emotional world is empty, and he has to endure sharing an apartment with a friend who behaves strangely and unscrupulously, Sprite. And the heroine Anna is a famous Hollywood movie star in the United States. Her jade photos often appear on the covers of various magazines, and every move has attracted the attention of the world. William was working in the bookstore as always, and the gears of fate were turning quietly. When the popular movie star Anna walked into this bookstore, William accidentally poured a whole glass of orange juice on Anna. In order to apologize, he invited Anna to go to his house to change her clothes. Maybe the hero was too handsome, or the hero was too gentle, anyway Anna suddenly gave him a kiss, and from then on Anna became an indelible memory in William's mind...

3.My Tomorrow, Your Yesterday

Nana Komatsu Romance CP Fantasy Parallel Time

A boy falls in love with a girl in another time and space, can they spend a lifetime together?

The male protagonist and female protagonist of the movie met on the tram. The male protagonist fell in love at first sight and then confessed successfully. The two fell in love and everything went well. But the female protagonist will always cry when something special happens, when the male protagonist confesses, holds hands for the first time, and says "I love you" for the first time... Although I realized this at first Not unusual, but I just put it down to the incontinence constitution. Later, the female lead's diary accidentally fell into the male lead's house, and the secret was finally revealed. The two do not belong to the same world. The reverse flow of time makes the male lead's yesterday become the female lead's tomorrow, and the female lead's yesterday will be the male lead's tomorrow. The logic of the movie is probably designed in their respective worlds, they can remember their own past, but what they have experienced in the other's world belongs to their own future after all, so they will be emptied at the alternation of zero every day.


Jirayu Tangsrisuk Romantic CP Thailand Classic

The most romantic movie in Thailand!

The film mainly tells about a young mother whose husband left her early. The mother alone bears the burden of raising two sons, whose name is tan, who has been kept by the people around him. To have expectations is to be able to become a person like his own father, but everyone knows that every child has his own ideas, and he definitely doesn't want to live according to the rules of the destiny arranged by others, so he always wants to get rid of his mother, etc. Man's restraint on himself, as tan grows up day by day, he meets June, the girl he hits, this girl came to him like an angel, this girl exudes youthful breath all over her body , very lively and innocent, and the most exciting thing for tan is that this girl has her own dreams and knows what she wants. The appearance of this girl also makes the relationship between tan and his mother well adjusted.