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The Lover Of An Emperor Fell In Love With His Queen? The Court Love Triangle In The Movie "A Frozen Flower"

1.More Than Blue

Terminal Illness CP Family Romance Korea Bo-young Lee Sang-woo Kwon

Why can't people who love each other spend a lifetime together? It turns out that they have unspeakable difficulties...

The father of the hero of the movie died of a terminal illness, and he also had family inheritance, and his mother abandoned him; the heroine's parents and sister died in a car accident, and she became an orphan. These two lonely souls met each other in their adolescence and have lived together for more than 10 years. Their relationship is that of friends, family and lovers. They not only accompany each other but also save each other. They become each other's life support. Having lost everything, they can no longer bear to lose each other. The director is a poet, and the story he wrote and directed has always been poetic. Many lines are both sad and beautiful, adding a touch of poignancy to this story, which is sadder than sadness.

2.The Invisible Thread

Family Comedy BL Gay

A family, two fathers and a non-natural son, what will happen between them?

The story is very simple, a very familiar Italian comedy, two same-sex fathers with their sons, the family's joys, sorrows, love and betrayal. A teenage boy with two fathers makes a documentary about his parents, only to have bizarre episodes begin to unfold in his home. From the two people fighting over the names written on the birth certificate at the same time to when they found out that their son was not their own son during the DNA test, there was actually a major logical flaw in the story. What's more important is how the love of the three people exists. In the end, the father separated, the son gained his own love, and even the picturesque threesome from a distance passed on love from generation to generation. The meaning expressed in the film is rare and precise. Love is not connected by blood, but by the emotion itself between people.

3.A Frozen Flower

Costume History Court Love Triangle BL In-seong Jo Ji-hyo Song Jin-mo Ju Gore Violent Erotica

The emperor turned out to be gay, and his lover fell in love with his queen?

Hong Lin was the king's bodyguard and grew up with the emperor. The two were childhood sweethearts. The emperor is not only his lover, but also his monarch. The emperor has no children, and the sexual orientation is such that boys cannot be happy with women. Those ministers with ulterior motives, in order to strengthen their power. Forcing the emperor to make his nephew the crown prince. The emperor is not willing, but intends to compromise. He wanted the queen to return to his country, but the queen was stubborn, and she did not agree with this approach. Then the emperor thought of letting his lover replace him and the queen to have children. But what he didn't expect was that his same-sex lover was deeply in love with the queen...

4.Bride Wars

Kate Hudson  Anne Hathaway Chris Pratt wedding friendship comedy

Two good friends turned against each other because of their wedding, will their friendship end?

Liv and Emma grew up together as a pair of close and good sisters. Liv becomes an accomplished lawyer, Emma teaches at a school, and the two share a happy relationship. They were also proposed at the same time, and the two started to prepare for the wedding hand in hand. The wedding is imminent, the two girls are working hard for the wedding, but what they can't think of is that because of the wedding planner's mistake, their wedding is scheduled on the same day. In order to be able to attend each other's wedding, this means that they will One side made a concession, changing the place and the time. On the wedding day, they wished each other well, but an accident happened. Before the wedding, Liv replaced Emma's wedding day march with a video of Emma's mischief. Will they be able to maintain their friendship for many years?