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Zombie Virus Outbreak In The Train! Can This Disaster Be Avoided? Korea's Annual Box Office Champion "Train to Busan"


Gore Horror Zombie Criminal Investigation Murder Mystery

The girl cannibalize the brain to obtain memory and help the police solve the case!

The heroine, Liv, is a medical student until one night, she attends a party and accidentally turns into a zombie. In order to access the corpse for the necessary food, the human brain, Liv finds a job in the coroner's office. But she can only feel the presence of spicy taste, which makes her love to eat spicy food. And she didn't expect that every time she ate a brain, she inherited the memory of the dead person. He also acquired the ability to read the habits and personalities of the deceased in the eaten brain. Liv begins to use the memories of the dead to help coroners and detectives solve multiple murder mystery cases.


Quentin Tarantino Robert Rodriguez Gore Horror Violent Cult B-movie Zombies

Absurd, bloody, violent! These elements of great visual impact are vividly displayed in this Cult film

The film is a collection of works by two famous directors. The first is "Planet of Terror" directed by Robert Rodriguez. In a bloodthirsty town infected by a virus, a stripper with a broken leg wears an M4A1 rifle as a prosthetic arm and fights zombies with his companions. There is also Quentin Tarantino's "King Kong Is Not Bad", a psycho killer lures all kinds of beauties, kills them with his stunt car, and the last time he was killed by a group of women. The two directors endow the film with a stunning violent aesthetic as a B-level film. The visual impact formed by the bloody violence in this film is extreme, and the highly creative massacre has become imitated by some film and television series later the classic

3.Train to Busan

Horror Bloody Violent Zombie Doomsday Disaster Yoo Gong Yu-mi Jung Don Lee Choi Woo-shik So-hee Ahn

Zombie virus outbreak in the train! Can the survivors escape the train safely?

The film tells the story of a single father, Shi Yu, and his daughter, Suan, who took the KTX high-speed train to Busan, but were ravaged by zombies and spread to the entire train. When disaster strikes, everyone's reaction is written into the camera, students, old people, train conductors, children, pregnant women, and men in their prime, all of them are flesh and blood. Even the male protagonist's subordinate, who only appeared once, showed the character of this little character in place with two calls. There are several touching scenes in the movie, one is a top view of a carriage dragging a group of zombies, one is the tunnel at the end, and the other is an old grandmother smiling evilly in her seat, with despair, viciousness and sorrow for humanity.

4.Night of the Undead

comedy marriage alien horror

The husband who has lived together for many years turns out to be an alien creature!

The film integrates various elements of science fiction, comedy, suspense, action and horror, and skillfully integrates the elements of computer special effects + romantic comedy. The movie is about one day, the heroine accidentally saw the information on her husband's mobile phone and suspected that her husband was having an affair, so she asked the director of the mysterious research institute to investigate secretly, but in the process she accidentally discovered her husband's true identity. Destroy humans, alien creatures that take over Earth, and possess unimaginable immortality. Facing the night of the living dead, his life is about to be threatened. So the heroine joined her friends to kill him, but the addition of a group of government officials also made this restless night even more chaotic...