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The Geisha Fell In Love With The Servant, Will Their Breaking Taboo End A Tragedy Or A Comedy? Korean costume movie "The Servant"

1.Memories of the Sword

martial arts action ancient Byung-hun Lee Do-yeon Jeon Go-eun Kim Jun-ho Lee

The most poetic martial arts film in Korea!

The protagonists of the movie are the three major swordsmen. Deji and Xuelang are lovers. They fight against the tyrant together, but Deji betrays the revolution. In the decisive battle with Fengtian, Xuelang kills Fengtian to save Deji. Feng Tian's wife and infant baby were also killed. Deokgi was promoted to General Yoobaek. But Xue Lang regretted killing Feng Tian by himself, and went to ask the master to save Feng Tian's daughter, Hong Yi, a baby who was still in swaddling, but the master was powerless. In order to punish himself, Xue Lang blinded his eyes by taking poison, and took the child born by him and De Ji as Feng Tian's descendant Hong Yi, raised them up and taught martial arts.

2.Homme Fatale

Romance Whore Ancient Widow Jun-ho Lee

The widow disguises herself as a man to find a male prostitute in a brothel to relieve her loneliness!

The film tells that in the ancient Joseon era, the concept of male superiority over women was deeply rooted, and women were oppressed for a long time, thus giving birth to the first male prostitute in North Korea. The male protagonist was born in a brothel, but his mother had long since passed away, and the owner of the brothel and Xu Se's mother were old acquaintances, so they raised Xu Se and were called aunt by Xu Se. One day a special guest came to the brothel, and the man guessed that the guest was a festive widow who had entered the Hall of Martyrs. Women don't have a suitable place to drink, and they don't have friends, so women disguise themselves as men to drink. Under the propaganda of the first female guest, the news that there were male prostitutes in the brothel spread all over the Hall of Martyrs.

3.Empire of Lust

Erotic Ancient Court Intrigue Violence Gore

Geisha falls in love with Shogun, will the ending be a tragedy or a comedy?

Set in 1398, the seventh year of the founding of Joseon, the film tells the untold story behind real historical events, and tells the rough story of three men purely chasing their own desires. There are also many erotic scenes in the movie, reflecting the current situation of material desire in the palace. The background depicted in the film is precisely in the early days of the founding of North Korea. The troubles of internal and external aggression caused the people to live in poverty. The characters in the film all hope that a peaceful and prosperous age will come. However, in the turbulent times, how can everything go as expected, all kinds of obstacles.

4.The Servant

Erotic Ancient Servant Whore Romance

Geisha fell in love with her husband's servant! The director's bold adaptation has created a Korean box office miracle!

The film was adapted from a Korean classic novel, and the director made a bold adaptation. Telling the story from the perspective of the servant Fangzi not only destroys the touching love story of Chunxiang and Menglong for thousands of years, but also heats the love between Fangzi and Chunxiang with desire. The movie tells the story of Chunxiang, who is married to the rich boy Li Menglong, but falls in love with his male servant who exudes sexy charm, and secretly meets him behind his back. Fang Zi's status is humble, but he dares to pursue his own love, competes with the master of higher status, and finally wins Chunxiang's heart. In the face of a scene carefully arranged by Li Menglong and Chunxiang, he knew it was a fake but did it for real.