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The Girl Seduces The Black Boyfriend, But The Ending Is Unexpected! Oscar-winning Film "Get Out"


Disabled Crime Serial Killer Mystery Escape Horror

Deaf girl witnesses murder scene at midnight! Will she be able to escape the murderer's pursuit?

The film tells the story of a late-night pursuit of a deaf man working in a customer service center who stumbles across a serial killer at midnight. In the whole film, the most impressive thing is the four investigations into human nature, the first time the heroine chooses to save people when she sees a high-heeled shoe thrown out on the street; the second time is the rescued girl's brother, In the face of the exchange proposed by the murderer, the brother chose his own sister and gave up the heroine; the third time the heroine escaped again, ran into the running sister, and chose to help the sister again; the fourth time was to face the heroine. The escape of the protagonist, even in the busy city, is the helplessness of the heroine in the face of the superb acting skills of the cunning demon. The whole film has a fast rhythm and a strong horror atmosphere. The villain can play such a hateful character, which is also a manifestation of the actor's superb acting skills.


Kidnapping Mystery Crime Babysitter Single Mom Cruelty

The nanny went missing after kidnapping the child, and the divorced mother lost her child again after losing her family!

The filming method of the film is between reality and frightening fantasy, interspersed with memories and narratives. The film mainly tells the story of how Lee Ji-sun, who was chasing her missing daughter, gradually broke away from the nanny Kim Yeon, who was devastated by all aspects of life and turned into a miserable mother with a mental deformity. It seems that the protagonist is Li Zhishan all the way to find a daughter. In fact, he is also describing a long-term scam designed by the nanny Jin Yan in order to save her child to win the trust of the child's mother. Trying to abduct Doen can be said to make up for the loss of the child in her heart. grief, and at the same time avenge his own children. The creation of the horror atmosphere in the movie is very exciting. I have to say that the dead body of the child is refrigerated in the refrigerator. It is really scary.


sports diving girlfriend crime amnesia

The first diving-themed psychological thriller in Korean film history!

The world's high-profile diving queen Yi-young and her teammate and best friend Soo-jin (played by Lee Yoo-young) are involved in a car accident, and Soo-jin goes missing. Yiying, who lost her friend after the accident, did everything possible to find Xiuzhen, but she heard mysterious rumors about Xiuzhen from other teammates, and Yiying had to work hard to restore her previous results in the chaotic situation. However, as Yiying approached the truth step by step, she gradually realized that her friend was a terrible face who would do anything to win.

4.Get Out

Horror Racist Thriller Mystery Oscar Original Screenplay

Breathtaking horror movie, deep-rooted racism!

A couple named Adelaide and Gable took their children on a beachside holiday, which used to be Adelaide's childhood entertainment. After a day at the beach with the Taylor family, Adelaide is increasingly unable to recover from the pain of the past, and he increasingly feels that disaster is about to happen to his family. At night, the family even saw four people standing on the driveway hand in hand, as if more spooky things were waiting for them. The rhythm of the whole movie is very fast. From the foreshadowing to the reversal, it is very suitable. It is a classic movie. I even think that many suspense dramas I have watched later can find its shadow.