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The Girl Died Tragically After Being Bullied At School! After Being Resurrected As A Ghost, She Embarks On A Bloody Revenge! Thai Classic IP "Art of The Devil Seriest"

1.Fabricated City

Chang-wook Ji Mystery Crime Revenge Violent Game

The boy was innocently accused of being a murderer! In order to find out the mastermind behind this case, he and his teammates in the game world share revenge!

The male protagonist of the film is the captain of a top team in the game world. In the game, he is willing to sacrifice himself to save Brother Beard. But in reality, he is a homeless man. One day, he received a call from a strange woman in an Internet cafe, asking him to send him a mobile phone and paying him. Unexpectedly, this action brought him prison. The court accused him of killing the girl who asked him to give him his mobile phone. Of course, he refused to admit it, but all the evidence showed that he was the murderer. He was thrown into prison and sentenced to life in prison. His mother was running around for his grievances, and when she found any clues, she died suddenly. In order to investigate the cause of his mother's death, he stabbed himself with a hidden knife, and when the ambulance drove away from the prison, he took the opportunity to escape halfway. Since then he has embarked on the road of revenge.

2.Bloody Reunion

Ka-young Mun Supernatural Horror Bloody Campus Revenge Violence

Korea's highest level bloody horror movie!

After retiring, the frail teacher Park lives in seclusion by the sea far away from people. Miko, a female student who took in her a year ago, proposes to hold a class reunion to make the teacher happy. The students who came to the party behaved strangely. They were all angry because they were all hurt by Teacher Park. When Zhengyang was a child, his mother looked strange because he was hit and killed by a car when he was punished by the school to seek the teacher's theory. This night, after accusing the teacher of the harm to them, the group of students were killed one after another by people wearing Zhengyang's clothes and rabbit masks. Only Teacher Park and Meizi, who worked hard to protect her, survived. During the investigation, the police found that Mr. Park did not have a student named Meizi, and the horror grew. Whose dark memory ruined it all? The truth of the matter is very different from what appears on the surface.

3.Art of The Devil Series

Goblin Supernatural Oriental Witchcraft Gore School Violence Violence Revenge

An ordinary girl wanted to integrate into the group but was bullied by the school! Innocent and tragic, she turned into a ghost to take revenge on the world!

The heroine, Praewa, is a cheerleader at the university. Usually responsible for changing the clothes and sending water to the cheerleaders. Seems to be an obscure little character. However, Praewa has been paying attention to Aya, the most beautiful girl in the team. She secretly made dolls modeled by Aya, and secretly drew anime characters based on Aya. even! Praewa's dress, dress, hairstyle... will be consistent with aya. After that, she was bullied on campus by aya's boyfriend and others, and even gang-raped her! Then, someone put her picture on the altar and cursed. Praewa died in front of her mother shortly after returning home. Do you think this is over? The school violence is over, but the ghost's revenge begins...

4.Hwayi: A Monster

 Jin-goo Yeo Cho Jin-woong Killer Crime Kidnapping Mystery Violence Revenge

The child raised by the killer finds out the truth and begins his revenge!

A criminal gang headed by Shuotai kidnaps the youngest son of a high-ranking government official, but the plan fails. After the failure, they did not tear up the vote, but instead raised the boy as a child, and each showed his magical powers to train him as the successor of the killer. In the blink of an eye, more than 20 years have passed, and the child named Hua Yi has grown up and has become a handsome high school student. Shuotai has committed many major crimes, and he also intentionally cultivated Huayi to follow his old path, but the boy seems to have a monster hidden in his heart and is always afraid at critical moments. During a certain operation, Hua Yi accidentally discovered the mystery of his life experience. The death of his biological father was inseparable from his five adoptive fathers.