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A Man Turned Out To Be The Biological Father Of 92 Children! A Real Event That Is Scarier Than A Horror Movie!"Our Fathers"


Don Lee crime action gangster violence

His wife was abducted and sold by human traffickers. In order to rescue her, he fought the gang alone!

The protagonist of the film was once the leader of the underworld. But now he has bowed his head to life for his wife. In a seafood market in South Korea, he makes a living by selling seafood every day. In an accident, their car was rear-ended by a group of traffickers, and his wife was targeted by traffickers. After that, his wife was forcibly abducted while he was not at home. When he got home and found that his wife was not at home, he hurried to the police station to report the crime. But the police kept him waiting quietly for news. The traffickers also called him to take money in a restaurant where his wife sold her body. Desperate, he embarks on a violent revenge!


crime family lawyer

Law and love, love and reason, how to maintain innocence in the identities of lawyers and daughters?

One day, the woman saw a news on TV that there was a murder in her hometown, and the perpetrator turned out to be her mother. Surprised, she hurried to drive home. It turned out that my father died not long ago. At the funeral, my father's friend drank rice wine and foamed at the mouth. Four people died and one was sent to the hospital. The police found poison in the rice wine, and the mother was naturally arrested as the first suspect. The woman has not been home for more than ten years. When she was admitted to the university, her father tore the admission letter to shreds. The woman knelt down and begged her mother, but her mother also rejected her, saying with a sullen face, we spent a lot of money on my brother's treatment. The unspoken words completely disappointed the woman. She chose to run away from home and never came back. More than a decade later, the woman became a famous lawyer. But when the woman saw her mother in the detention center, her mother no longer recognized herself, and she suffered from Alzheimer's disease. As soon as she was frightened, she urinated her pants. How could such a mother poison and kill?

3.A Violent Prosecutor

Dong-won Kang Jeong-min Hwang crime law prosecutor

Violent prosecutor was wrongfully sentenced to 15 years in prison!

The film tells the story of prosecutor Byun Jae-wook, a man with a meticulous and hot personality in law enforcement. The occasional slightly violent approach to suspects is also a shortcoming of his law enforcement handling. By chance, Jae-wook came across a case of illegal occupation of a habitat for migratory birds. This case was not as simple as imagined, and it also involved high-ranking local political officials. When handling this case, the senior officials tried to win over Jae Wook, but Jae Wook's sense of justice would never allow him to play a role. He knew that he had worked so hard to pass the judicial examination to become a prosecutor. the truth. Obviously, Zai Xuming is obviously unable to fight with this high-ranking official, in order to protect his own interests. The senior officials tried to transfer the case to Yang Minyu, but Jae Wook disagreed and decided to try the case in person. As a result, the person who was tried died the next day, and Jae Wook became a scapegoat for the case and was sentenced to 15 years in prison.

4.Our Father

crime cult documentary horror

This movie is based on true events! Reality is scarier than horror movies!

The film is based on true events. The story focuses on Donald Klein, an infertility doctor who, for decades, injected his own sperm into the bodies of patients who came to see a doctor without telling the truth. Mistakenly thought that she was pregnant with her husband's child, and thanked him for his "superior medical skills". Until recently, a woman accidentally discovered that she had dozens of half-siblings during a DNA test. After investigation, Donald's evil deeds were finally revealed. During his decades in office, the victim's family has reached nearly Hundreds of these families raised their children without knowing it. Until now, they did not know that the biological father of the children was Donald, and according to the current survey results, Donald is already the biological father of 94 children.