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The healing movie "Soul" has explained the meaning of life in just over an hour!


Music Undead Healing The Meaning of Life Pixar

What should you do if your child is destined to be ordinary?

The protagonist of the story is a black man named Joy Goner. He felt he was born to play and dreamed of becoming a jazz pianist. It is a pity that, after years of struggle, he has been very old and can only make a living by part-time work, working as a substitute music teacher in a middle school. Facing uninterested children, teaching the most basic and boring music. But suddenly one day, he first received a notice of regularization from the school, and then was invited by a drummer friend of a well-known jazz band to try the piano in the band. Excited, he immediately took out his mobile phone to share the joy with his friends. As a result, he fell into the sewer while walking and died on the spot. When he woke up, he found himself dead and turned into a blue soul. Joey, who should not have appeared here, was mistaken for a mentor by the system and assigned a student named "22" Soul. Of course Joey didn't want to take the student, but in order to return to Earth to be reborn, he could only bite the bullet and guide. As a result, 22, who was used to seeing great people in history, became interested in Joey, who was down in life. He has always believed that it is necessary to have lofty dreams. For a long time, he was lost because he could not see the future, but he ignored the beauty of daily life. Thinking of this, he reconciled with 22, guiding her out of the thousand-year confusion.


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Nominated for Best Picture at the Academy Awards, this film tells the most heartwarming journey ever!

It mainly tells that Carl and Ellie in a small town are a pair of childhood dreamers. Ellie shows Carl her "Adventure Book" with a picture of paradise fall on it. She tells him that she will go here when she grows up, and Write your own adventure stories in the book. As time passed, they grew up, fell in love, got married, and started saving money for the dream of paradise fall. But there are always such and such accidents in life. The piggy bank is smashed again and again, and the days go by until they are all gray on the temples. Ellie fell ill, Carl bought two airline tickets to South America, Ellie in the ward handed him the Adventure Book and left quietly. With deep regret, Carl became a lonely and strange old man. In order to escape the pursuit of real estate developers and realize his lover's dream, Carl, who had sold balloons all his life, tied all his remaining balloons in the chimney and built a building. "Flying House" flies to South America.


Undead Affectionate Music Touching Pixar Animation Children's Growth

The movie realizes the education of death with the ultimate romance!

The film tells the story of MiG, a young boy who loves music, and was born into a big family that regards music as a beast. Miguel's dream was to become a musician, but his family strongly opposed him, who wanted him to inherit the family's shoemaking workshop and become a shoemaker. The annual Day of the Dead is approaching, MiG accidentally came to the world of the dead, met the down-and-out musician Hector, and started a story of a wonderful adventure in the colorful world of the dead. The movie uses colorful pictures and scenes of singing and dancing to create a warm and gorgeous world of the dead. There, love makes life and death no longer eternal, and the undead world and the real world are connected through the bridge of love. Death, a continuation of love and beauty, is a performance to be attended in costume. Those who have gone away can also get together.

4.Inside Out

Emo Moe Pixar Animation Children

How to deal with "bad" emotions? This movie tells you the answer.

The little girl Riley grew up under the care of her parents, and she lived a happy and fulfilling life every day. Until one day, her parents took her away from her hometown. The empty apartment, the unfamiliar school, and the lost friendship all made Riley's negative emotions begin to accumulate, and she didn't know what happened to herself. In fact, all of this is closely related to the five little people living in Riley's brain. They are Lele, anger, worry, disgust, and fear that control the five emotions of human beings. In order to make the little master happy, Lele, the captain, began to guard against Youyou and others, but the result always backfired, and the beauty of the little master's inner world gradually collapsed. The movie uses a wide-open imagination to personify the five emotions in the brain, and then slowly tells you that they are not high or low, and they will accompany you throughout your life.