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Why Did people Love This Fox More Than The Prince? The Movie "Zootopia" Tells You The Answer

1.The Croods

doomsday adventure family oscar animation

This film breaks people's fears of change

The film mainly tells the story of the primitive man Gollum's family, who were forced to leave the cave and embark on an adventurous journey in order to avoid the end of the world. Grug is the opposite of her daughter, Eep. Grug's way of dealing with it is more old-fashioned and rigid, and the purpose is to protect the safety of the family. And Xiaoyi is a rebellious young man who dares to innovate and has an active mind. Later, Eep meets Guy. Guy is a person with strong skills and clever mechanism, but because he has no home, he lives with the belt monkey. At first, Grug was against Eep and Guy being together, for fear of losing his daughter Eep. Later, after many trials and tribulations, Guy's wit enabled them to overcome difficulties. In the last ordeal, Grug also gradually understood that at the last moment, Grug's wife united more after everyone experienced some things, making the family more harmonious after overcoming the difficulties.

2.Raya and The Last Dragon

disney race animation adventure fantasy

How to rebuild trust and unity in an environment of confrontation and hatred? This movie tells you the answer

This movie proposes a concept of tracing the origin of human beings to establish different kingdoms, that is, the period of human integration is called "Longyou State", and the different ethnic groups formed after the division of human groups are "Dragon Tooth" and "Dragon Heart". "and many more. 500 years after the dragons sacrificed themselves, defeated the black demons, and saved human beings, the people of the five tribes of Longyou State did not cherish the hard-won survival opportunity, but fought endlessly for the dragon crystal left by Xisu, in order to change this situation , The Ponga patriarch of Dragon Heart City, who owns the crystal, called the other four tribes together, hoping to resolve the fight, but his kindness failed to bring good news, and the kingdom of Longyou encountered the catastrophe brought by the black devil again...

3.How to Train Your Dragon

Oscar Race Animation Adventure Fantasy Education

This teenager has solved the century-old hatred of the two races! Why does he have such superpowers?

What this film is about is that the Vikings living on Berk Island were originally afraid of dragons for generations, but Hiccup's father hopes to train his son to be a successor and become the leader of the Vikings, but Shipka's idea Very advanced and not recognized by everyone. When Hiccup was forced to attend a dragon slayer training camp with other Viking teenagers, he thought it was a good chance for him to prove he was a master dragon slayer, but the thing that changed him and the tribe finally came when he encountered an injured the dragon. In getting along with this dragon, his superpowers are gradually stimulated; he can not only communicate directly with the dragon, but also communicate as a friend. The gap between the two races has been dissolved in the face of dragon training .


race police adventure oscar cutie

Rabbit and fox friendship across races!

Rabbit Judy from Rabbit Nest Town, a remote town, aspired to be a police officer since she was a child, although people around her told her that it was impossible, because rabbits were small, weak (and she was still a woman), and herbivores were not aggressive. She passed the police officer Rabbit, but adhering to Hollywood's usual optimistic character of not dying until the Yellow River, Judy Rabbit finally passed the police exam and became the first Rabbit police officer. After taking office, she was boycotted by the leaders and colleagues. The leaders were more talented and sent her to issue a ticket, but the clever rabbit won a chance for herself and tried her best to solve a strange case. This is the narrative thread of the film, with Judy Rabbit as the first point of view. It seems that this is just an ordinary inspirational story, but the details are very brilliant and the authenticity is convincing.