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Seo Yea-ji starts "Crazy Revenge"!


Musical·Youth·Rock Band(Release Date:2022/6/1)

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Musical Youth Rock Band

Trainspotting director's new work! The story of British Sex Pistols guitarist Steve Jones! Take you through a restless rock summer!


Comedy·Romance(Release Date:2022/6/1)

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Romance	Comedy

Seo Yea-ji plays the femme fatale,unfolds the craziest revenge and falls into the love entanglement of the upper class chaebol world!

3.The Orville Season 3

Sci-Fi·Comedy·Adventure(Release Date:2022/6/3)

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Sci-Fi Comedy Adventure

Mini space comedy is back! The Orville spaceship continues its space adventure with the hilarious crew! What new adventures will their journey experience?


Adventure·Action·Thriller(Release Date:2022/6/3)

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Action Adventure Thriller

The female version of Dwayne Johnson! See how this female officer uses her wits to stand up and save the world when the missile interception station encounters a crisis?