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The Cannes Film Festival winning Film "The Square" Deeply Satirizes The Most Real Human Nature!

1.Then Came You

Asa Butterfield Nina Dobrev Maisie Williams Adolescence Growing Touching Romance Adventure

How will you spend the remaining time of your life?

The film tells the story of Skye and Calvin, who are struggling on the brink of death, becoming friends. Calvin helps Skye to realize her wish in the process of recognizing his heart, and also the story of the emergence of budding love. Skye, a high school student with cancer, and Calvin, a handyman who dropped out after a year of college to carry luggage at the airport, met in a cancer support group. Skye is lively and eccentric, while Calvin is taciturn and very melancholy. Skye's cancer was at an advanced stage and medicines were no longer available, so he wrote a checklist to complete before he died. Because Skye's fiery enthusiasm attracted Calvin, he was willing to cooperate with Skye, help her, and complete all the wishes on the list with her. In this way, a "to-death list" became the bond between the two.

2.American Honey

Adolescence Growing Romance Adventure

The girl was molested by her stepfather since she was a child. In order to escape from her family, she embarked on a growth adventure to find herself!

The story revolves around the growth of the heroine Xiaoxing. As a young adult, she lives in a broken family. The mother was having fun all day long and ignored the children; the stepfather smoked and drank heavily, and even had bad thoughts about her. As a result, she could only take her younger siblings to the garbage heap to find food every day. One day, after picking up trash, she saw a car. In the car is a group of wanton people, smoking, drinking, singing, how carefree they seem. She envied the group, and at the same time there was a man she fell in love with at first sight, Jack. At Jack's invitation, Xiaoxing is determined to join them and leave here together. When the car left her hometown and drove into the big city of Kansas, she felt an unprecedented relief.


erotic heartwarming women

This erotically labeled film actually tells a heartwarming story!

The heroine of the film is a girl with dreams of becoming a pornographic actress. But even her daily life has become a problem. She has no income for a long time without filming. She temporarily rented the house of her friend Melissa, but neither Melissa nor her boyfriend went out to work. She almost covered the living expenses of the three of them. Melissa also asked her to borrow money from time to time. In order to decorate her room to change her mood, she went to the nearby courtyard auctions and found some old things she liked, including a kettle. When she put flowers in it, she realized that there was 100,000 yuan in cash. Apparently the old lady selling the stuff doesn't know the money here. Under such a huge test, she still chose to own the money. When she was shopping, she found that the seller, a lonely old lady, went to the supermarket alone. She wanted to get close to her. A little comfort in the heart. Slowly, the old woman felt love in this young girl.

4.The Square

Comedy Art Film Palme d'Or Satire

This seemingly simple film deeply satirizes the upper class!

The male protagonist of the movie has his cell phone stolen due to helping someone, and he goes door-to-door to shove threatening letters in the ground floor residential building where the mobile phone is located in order to retrieve his mobile phone. Later, the boy who has been wronged asks for an apology, which is supplemented by a one-night stand with a female reporter. An actor who was invited to play "The Beast" at a high-end dinner party, and a commercial for the "Square" project to adapt to the era of information flooding, etc. It can be said that the referents in the film are diverse, and the cold humor makes people feel embarrassed everywhere. The protagonist with a good life is indeed the main object of ridicule in this film. He has a good face and can't let go of his body, so he will complicate things that can be solved by an apology; even if he has had intimate behavior, he is extremely private and independent. , refused to let the one-night stand partner help throw condoms.