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A Young boy and Girl Eloped For Love! "Moonrise Kingdom" Depicts A Grand Childhood Adventure About First love!

1.Always Be My Maybe

Romance Childhood Love First Love Comedy

After 15 years of separation from childhood sweethearts, the old love is rekindled!

Sasha and Marcus have been together since childhood, and the two have a very good relationship, but they suddenly turned their faces and never communicated again. Fifteen years later, Sasha became a well-known chef in Los Angeles. With her own craftsmanship, she opened a restaurant in San Francisco. She met her childhood friend Marcus, will the two develop a new relationship? The male and female protagonists have known each other since childhood, but then something unpleasant happened, and the two became distant. After fifteen years, they are back together again. The female protagonist is very tolerant of the male protagonist. Her love is very simple. She just hopes that she can see the person she loves when she goes home. In fact, love is like this. Because of love, you can relax and be your true self.

2.Asako I & II

Cannes Japanese Movie Cheating Love Triangle

Will you choose the one you love or the one who loves you? After watching this movie, you may have the answer in your heart!

The story tells that Chaozi falls in love at first sight with a man named Mai in a photography exhibition, and the relationship ends with Mai's disappearance. Two years later, Chaozi met Liangping, who looked exactly like Mai but had a completely different personality. After some psychological struggles, he chose to fall in love with him. Five years later, Liangping and Chaozi, who were about to get married, met Mai, who was now a fashion model, and Chaozi chose to leave Mai without hesitation. Later, during the trip, Asako decided to change his mind and return to Ryohei... The film is full of references to the 311 earthquake in Japan, as well as the psychological state of people in the "post-311 era": the lingering sense of the end of the world leads to a desire for interpersonal intimacy.

3.Definitely, Maybe

Romance Comedy Family Marriage Ryan Reynolds

Which is more important in love and time?

From the title, it can be seen that the film tells the story of a man and three women who fall in love and choose. The first woman sahra, will's first love, intellectual beauty, she was his innocence and all the good. Will proposed to sahra, but sahra told her that she cheated during that lonely time, and they broke up. Years later, they met again, because they were both single and chose to be together again, and even got married. But in the end, the two chose to separate. The second woman summer, charming, dashing, independent, a woman who is very selfish. After will and sahra broke up, they got together and they had a harmonious relationship, even Will planned to propose to her. However, she hurts Will in pursuit of her career, and they separate. The third woman, April, is sweet on the outside and delicate on the inside, a woman who has witnessed Will's growth along the way. She has always been by Will's side as a friend, and when the male protagonist is confused, she encourages him and comforts him. In the end, Will finally finds himself in love with april, but it's too late, april already has a new boyfriend. Does true love depend on the person you meet, or does it depend on the right moment?

4.Moonrise Kingdom

fairy tale composition first love adventure

In the summer of twelve years old, when a weird girl meets a cute boy, what will happen?

The story is about two lonely children, Suzy the girl is weird and ununderstood, the boy Sam is unsocial and unloved, they hate other people, other people don't understand and like them, they have been neglected and let go for a long time, without any care. But alone they met each other and fell in love. The background of the film's story takes place on an English island in the summer of 1965. In the summer of twelve years old, Suzy and Sam met in a theater performance of Noah's Ark. By chance, they knew at that moment that they had found each other's lives. the person in . The orphan Sam followed the Boy Scouts to the theater to watch the performance, where he met Susie who was preparing for the performance backstage. Susie, who was a problem child in the hearts of both her teacher and her family, was assigned to play the role of a crow because she contradicted her teacher. After this chance encounter, they started writing letters to each other to share about each other's lives. The loneliness and incomprehension in the past seemed to have found an outlet at that moment. Finally, there was someone who could understand my strangeness and loneliness. So one day, they decided to elope together.