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The movie "The Terror Live" depicts a wonderful game of life and death in a confined space!

1.Nobody Sleeps in the Woods Tonight

horror crime friendship thriller suspense

The two brothers accidentally picked up a meteorite. I didn't expect this to be the source of their becoming demons!

There is a pair of twins who live deep in the nearby woods, because they accidentally picked up an extraterrestrial meteorite when they were children, but they didn't realize that it contained terrible evil forces. Once the hit is infected, it will mutate into a terrifying monster. And the character is extremely cruel and likes to eat meat and drink blood. Brothers ate their mom 30 years ago! A group of tech-obsessed young people attend a makeover camp in the forest, and as the organizers plan, the hike doesn't end without a smartphone. They experience things they haven't even seen in the darkest corners of the internet. But they were attacked by the brothers!

2.The Terror Live

crime terrorist attack politics satire

Not a single line in the movie is nonsense, the whole process is thrilling and exciting!

The male protagonist of the film was demoted from a TV host to a radio host in less than a week. He unexpectedly received a phone call from a terrorist, and he wanted to use it as an exclusive live broadcast. During the live broadcast, it was full of ups and downs and accidents. First, I witnessed the bombing of the Han River Bridge, and then the female anchor was injured in the face. The police chief's fierce words stimulated the criminals to be killed, and then Yin Yinghua's life was also affected. threaten. However, Yin Yinghua still communicated with the terrorists calmly, and later used his own life as a guarantee. He must meet the requirements of the other party, and at the same time, he must accept the pressure of the superior leaders and the anti-terrorism team leader. In just 98 minutes, the bureaucracy was accused of corruption, the media and the government ignored the safety of the hostages, and pursued the ratings and the government's good image.

3.In Our Prime

inspirational genius math

More important than the answer is the process of finding the answer

The film tells the story of a talented mathematician who defected from North Korea because he longed for academic freedom. He conceals his identity and lives in South Korea, and works as a security guard at a private high school where top students gather. The expressionless "poker face" became the object of avoidance by the students. One day he met a high school student who was planning to give up math. Later, he taught hesitant students how to find the right answer in a world where only the right answer was found, and he also ushered in an unexpected turning point in his life.

4.The Host

horror monster oscar cannes satire politics  Joon-ho Bong Kang-ho Song

This is the best monster movie in Korea! A classic for the best director at the Oscars!

The film is based on the theme of a traditional Korean family facing the monsters of the Han River. It tells the story of Park Gang-doo and his father Hee-bong, who are still idle in their 30s and run a shop in the Gaosu base by the Han River. Nam Ri and his younger sister Nam Joo, who likes archery and participated in the national team, live a peaceful life together. Until one day, there were monsters eating people everywhere on the embankment of the Han River, and the whole city fell into a panic. Jiang Doo's junior high school daughter, Park Hyun-seo, was kidnapped by a monster. The family sought help from the police and the hospital, but was treated as a mentally ill patient. Since then, Jiang Doo and his family have fought to the death to save Xianrui and the monster.