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The Movie Is Like Life! The Road To Self-destruction Of A Popular Female Star, The Japanese Movie "Helter Skelter"

1.Blue Valentine

marriage passion desire Ryan Gosling

If passion is lost in a marriage, can both parties restore a broken relationship?

Dean and Cindy, a married couple of six years, have problems in their marriage with the arrival of the "seven-year itch." This kind of problem is not that a third party is involved, but that Dean and Cindy's hearts have been shaken about life and love. After being together for six years, they need to find a new "excitement" to stimulate their love. One night, Dean and Cindy went out and left their daughter at home. On the way, the couple had a dispute, and the focus of their quarrel was the disagreement about their future life. The two-line narrative technique of the movie recreates the once beautiful moments of the two very well. In addition to being related to gravity, the fall in love of young men and women also includes the two people's initial experiences with each other, such as free singing and dancing in winter nights. Such as kissing and so on.

2.More than Family

Fertility Female Family Family Comedy Krystal Jung

The girl became pregnant unexpectedly, and she embarked on a journey to find her biological father!

The film tells the story of Thor, a college student who became pregnant because of love, before getting married and embarking on a journey to find his biological father who lost contact with him 15 years ago and the father of a child who ran away from home. Twenty-two-year-old college student Thor, and high school student Hao-hoon, who has been a personal tutor for students, have a spark of love that results in a new life. When he was a child, his mother Xianshan divorced and remarried. Thor, with fantasies about his family, was determined to form a harmonious family as soon as possible.

3.Extreme Job

Police Drug Dealer Comedy Korean Box Office No. 1

In order to arrest drug dealers, the anti-drug police opened a fried chicken restaurant, but the business was unexpectedly hot!

The protagonists of the film are a few anti-drug police officers. In order to catch the big drug dealers behind the scenes, the anti-drug team ambushed the fried chicken shop to monitor the drug dealers. Unexpectedly, the fried chicken shop at the door would have to pay the money. In a desperate situation, the anti-drug team made a decision. , directly put down the storefront, used the fried chicken shop as a stronghold, and placed the monitor in the drug dealer's den while the drug dealer ordered takeout, and inspired to catch the big drug dealer. But! Never thought! The fried chicken shop that couldn't sell a chicken leg in a day, but after the arrival of the anti-drug squad, its business slowly improved. At first, it was able to take out fried chicken and put it off without chicken, but for a long time a fried chicken shop without chicken. always arouse suspicion. So, they finally decided to start making chicken! What's even more unexpected is that their fried chicken is on fire! It was originally a side business, but it turned out to be more prosperous than the police, and the drug dealers had no time to monitor, and fried chicken became the light of life. If you were given a choice, one is an anti-drug police officer with a bleak career and a dangerous low salary, and the other is a fried chicken boss with a booming business, which one would you choose?

4.Helter Skelter

Erotic Crime Mystery Plastic Surgery Depraved

A fat girl risked her life for a full-body plastic surgery!

The heroine Lily is Japan's top star and the object of worship of all Japanese women. However, she was unaware that she had been targeted by the police and suspected that she was involved in an underground beauty clinic. The male police officer in charge of the case said that her body was collapsing. The male policeman judged that the deceased at the clinic died of "transplant medical care", which is to steal other people's internal organs, skin, bones, etc. for cosmetic surgery. This kind of surgery is very risky and requires a lot of money. Once there is no money for regular care, The body will collapse, and Lily is a participant in this cosmetic surgery. But even so, Lily would risk her life in order to maintain her beauty.