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The Overbearing CEO Falls In Love With The "Strong Woman Do Bong-soon"! The Two Started An Office Romance!

1.The Bride of Habaek

Joo-hyuk Nam Krystal Jung Fantasy Romance Comics God

God and human girls love each other, can they spend their lives together?

This drama is adapted from the popular Korean girl's innocent manga. It tells the love story between the girl Soa and Habok, who voluntarily sacrificed herself for the village where there is no rain for a long time, and became the bride of the water god Habok. The heroine's father left his wife and children when the heroine was very young, and threw all the adopted children to them, so the heroine began to be a person who did not feel much love when she was very young. As a result, when she treated patients later, she could not always empathize with the patients, so she could not treat the patients well. The arrival of Hebo made her feel the love and made a change. But He Bo is a god, he always has to go back to his water country, and as a god, He Bo is eternal, while Yin Su'er as a human will experience birth, old age, sickness and death, and he cannot accompany He Bo forever. But they still chose to start and chose to fall in love. Even if it's not allowed.

2.Strong Woman Do Bong-soon

Fantasy Romance Comics Office Romance Hyung-Shik Park Bo-young Park

The overbearing president fell in love with the strange girl! The office romance begins!

This drama combines comedy, love, suspense and other elements into one drama! A romantic comedy story about a woman with a strange power, Do Bong-soon, and a one-of-a-kind man who fall in love and go on a rampage. The family of Do Bong Soon, a young woman, has always had a secret. Female descendants will gain mysterious powers, but if they do bad things, this mysterious power will disappear immediately. The young CEO of the game company, Ahn Min-hyuk, accidentally learns of Do Bong-soon's power. He is being harassed by a mysterious stalker, so he hires Do Bong-soon as his bodyguard, and the love story between the two begins.

3.Mama Fairy and the Woodcutter

Fantasy Time Travel Romance Comic Costume

Fairies come to modern times to find husbands who have gone through several reincarnations! Doctoral student and university teacher, who is her husband?

The story takes place in South Korea a long time ago. The fairy, the first star of the Big Dipper, went to the mortal world to bathe and met Po Junxing, who became a woodcutter. After meeting, they became a couple and had a pair of children. After Po Junxing died, after several reincarnations, the fairy never gave up on finding her husband. Fairy Xuan Yunan left Jilong Mountain to find her husband, and came to Hanyang Liyuan University to start her own business and continue to be a barista. Fairy Xuan Yunan has the power to freely control water and plants, and the coffee she brews makes people infatuated and crazy. The associate professor of the University's Department of Biological Sciences, because the professor looks very similar to the fairy's husband, so the fairy regards the professor as her reincarnated husband, so the fairy wants to evoke the memory of her husband's previous life. The Ph.D. student of the Department of Biological Sciences at Liguo University loves fairies. Ever since he saw fairies, he has been obsessed with them, and he has been close to fairies unconsciously. The three people quietly started a fierce love triangle. Who is the fairy's husband?

4.The Lonely and Great God

Yoo Gong Go-eun Kim Dong-Wook Lee In-na Yoo Fantasy Time Travel Romance Costume High Ratings

The soulful sadomasochism of the handsome ghost and the lively girl in the past and present life!

The male protagonist of this play is an ancient general. He returned to the court after a desperate battle, but he was jealous of the traitor and the faint-hearted ruler because of his excessive credit, and he died with hatred. Only when he finds a woman who can draw the sword from his body can he leave the world smoothly. So, after hundreds of years of reincarnation, he came to modern times. He never interfered with human life and death, but he couldn't help but save a dying pregnant woman when he heard her cry for help. Sure enough, the male protagonist started a bad relationship. The girl born by this pregnant woman is the "ghost bride". The setting of the ghost bride is that when the sword is drawn, the ghost will no longer live forever and can rest in peace.