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This Classic Movie "The Truman Show" 24 Years Ago Predicted The Sorrow Of Each Of Us Today!

1.Black Swan

Natalie Portman Winona Ryder Mila Kunis Ballet Oscar Thriller Schizophrenia Multiple Personalities

The self-salvation of ballet dancers with multiple personalities!

Nina is a ballerina and lives with a single mother. Beth, the principal dancer of the dance company, has passed the golden age of ballet dancers, so the boss decided to use a new performer as the swan queen for the dance company's classic dance drama "Black Swan". The girls are scrambling for the lead role, including Nina. Although Nina won the lead role, she wasn't the boss's first choice. Her dancing is standard, well-placed, and graceful, but full of control, over-seeking perfection, and lacking the wildness, energy, and temptation of a black swan. Under the tremendous pressure of being replaced by other girls at any time in the lead position, Nina began to experience mental hallucinations and acts of physical self-harm while struggling to practice dancing.

2.The Truman Show

Jim Carrey inspirational hollywood high score movie classic

The plot is fictional and the plot is absurd, but why can it become a classic?

Truman has been living in a small town called Taoyuan Island (actually a huge photo studio) since he was a child. He is the agent of an insurance company in this small town. Truman seems to be living exactly the same life as ordinary people. life, but he doesn't know that there are thousands of cameras facing him every second in his life, the whole world is watching him every moment, let alone all the people around him, including his wife and friends. Everyone is an actor in "The Truman World". Many years ago, Shi Weiya, a young girl who was both a loyal audience of "The Truman World" and an extra in the show, was very sympathetic to Truman. Truman fell in love with her at first sight. She gave Truman some kind hints, but she was forcibly removed from the set. Truman began to suspect that the world he lived in, including his wife, friends, father, and everyone else, was lying to him, and a kind of inner fear emerged spontaneously. After a deep remorse, he decided to escape at all costs from the seascape, a small town that kept him stunned, to find his real life and the person who truly loved him.

3.The Pursuit of Happyness

Will Smith inspirational hollywood high score movie classic

How hard does a person have to work for happiness to knock on the door?

The film tells the story of a divorced man who was abandoned by his wife and had a difficult life with his son alone. There is a scene in the movie that left a deep impression on me. The down-and-out dad watched the cars coming and going on the street with a happy smile on his face. He probably asked the heavens in his heart why I couldn’t be as happy as them. The protagonist's optimism, strength, self-confidence and never give up, but also experience the indifference, helplessness and difficulty of the world. The failure of his career, the abandonment of his wife, and the embarrassment of life did not overwhelm the protagonist Chris. On the contrary, the experience of suffering made him more confident and self-improving. In difficult times, he strengthened his beliefs and never gave up. Finally, when happiness came firmly grasp their own happiness.

4.The Secret Life of Walter Mitty

Sean Penn inspirational hollywood high score movie classic

The distance between dream and reality is only this movie!

The film tells the middle-aged story of the protagonist Walter Mitty. Walter is a film processing manager who has worked for "Life" magazine for 16 years. He is introverted and can't even talk to his favorite colleague Cheryl. He is like a bystander to life, often "empty" and dreaming of a day hero. Until one day the company was acquired, the magazine needed to do the cover of the last issue, and the key to the success of the cover was to find a reel of film by wild photographer Sean, Walter finally spoke up to Cheryl, and talked to her and her mother. Under the encouragement of , embark on a real adventure, ice fields, sea, Himalayas... Walter's daydreams finally turned into the pursuit of the magnificence of reality, and the real bravery took that step, and everything became beautiful and bright. A true representation of a simple life.