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A Man Sneaks Into A Stranger's Room, But Accidentally Falls In Love With A Housewife Who Was Raped! Korean Movie "3-Iron"


ethics eroticism love triangle metaphor loneliness

Man saves a tortured woman...Tortured by her husband, the woman decides to lead a new life of lust with a stranger

The male protagonist of the film is a handsome college student. His daily business is to post flyers from house to house, and then enter the room where the flyers have not been torn off. He takes a bath, cooks, sleeps, and takes pictures. In exchange, he cleans the house and gives the house. owner does laundry. He went into many rooms, and later he took the abused hostess in and out of empty rooms. Sometimes he left a minute before the master came back, sometimes they were sleeping when the master bumped into him, bruising his nose and bruised his face, and sometimes he bumped into the left-behind old man dead in the room, they wrapped the old man up and buried it in the living room. In the old man's house...

2.Eden Lake

crime murder gore thriller classic

A couple's weekend ruined by loutish teenagers? What really happened

The story is about a couple in love who are on vacation in the suburbs. It seems that the beginning of the vacation was not smooth. The sound of parking spaces being occupied, parental violence and all kinds of quarrels filled the town. The two didn't care at first, but then they couldn't bear it anymore. The results of the two people's attempts to find parents and complain in the town were not ideal. When they asked the female owner of the small restaurant, they encountered an inexplicable and somewhat cold answer from the female owner. And when he swore to go to a family to make a theory, the last thing he heard was the rude roar of a father, so that he fled like a thief. Those children tied the male protagonist with barbed wire, and the eldest among the children, Bright, asked the girl Peggy to use her mobile phone to record everyone's murder of the male protagonist. He is a butcher, and at the same time, he makes everyone a butcher. The final ending of the film is still cruel. The heroine was killed by several adults in the bathroom.

3.Pee Mak

horror thriller ghostly

His wife came back from death?The wife had an affair and turned into a ghost while the husband served in military

In the early days of the Bangkok Dynasty, wars were frequent, and most of the people were arrested and participated in various wars, big and small. Mak also had to leave his pregnant wife Nana and go to the battlefield with the army. During the war, Mak rescued four compatriots who were also captured as strong men to fight in a battle. In the end, the five became good friends who talked about everything. After the war, Mak invited four friends to stay at his home in Pakanon. During this period, rumors about Nana's pregnancy and death of a female ghost gradually spread in the village. Neither adults nor children were saved. All kinds of strange phenomena made the four people begin to believe that Nana had already died, and there was a female ghost beside them. The four did not dare to tell Mak the truth directly, but thinking of Mak's kindness to the four, the four decided to tell the truth to Mak, because they believed that humans and ghosts cannot live together.


Erotic Love Triangle Vintage Art

2 swingers and 1 seductive blonde?Students falls for their mentor's daughter?Love and lust never

The background of the story is France in 1897, and the film is adapted from the story photos and letters of the parties. Heredia is a college professor on the verge of bankruptcy. Due to too much debt, it is difficult to continue the existing comfortable life. Fortunately, he still has three daughters to marry. The eldest daughter Helena is quiet, the second daughter Mary is bold, and the youngest daughter Loluz is lively. Heredia also has two students, Pierre and Henry. Although Pierre is a playboy, his family background is average, but he is an honest man with a rich family background. He was planning to marry his eldest daughter to Henry, which would not only help his daughter find a good marriage, but also help the family pay off debts. It's a pity that the daughter and students didn't follow Lao Ai's script. Henry didn't like the eldest daughter, but he was attracted to the second daughter Mary, but the second daughter Mary liked it was the playboy Pierre.