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Yeo Jin Goo & Moon Ga Young's Fantasy Love!


Suspense·Medical·Law(Release Date:2022/6/4)

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Suspense Medical Law

So Ji Sub's latest K-Drama! Why did genius doctors turn medical litigators? How will he uncover the truth of the accident and defend his professional dignity?

2.Why Her

Romance·Forbidden Love(Release Date:2022/6/4)

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Romance	Forbidden Love

Hwang In-yeop✖️Seo Hyun-jin , a female professor of law school fell in love with a law student who was wrongfully imprisoned, and started a heart-wrenching and beautiful love story.

3.Link: Eat, Love, Die

Romance·Comedy(Release Date:2022/6/7)

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Romance	Comedy

Yeo Jin Goo✖️Moon Ga Young's Fantasy Love! The sexy chef is dominated by the emotions of a strange woman, and the two achieve emotional sharing?

4.Ms. Marvel

Superhero·Sci-Fi·Crime(Release Date:2022/6/9)

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Superhero Sci-Fi Crime

Marvel's first Muslim superhero! Muslim-American girl accidentally stimulates inhuman genes to gain superpowers? Staging a "Captain Marvel" parody!

5.First Kill

Suspense·Crime·LGBTQ(Release Date:2022/6/10)

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Suspense Crime LGBTQ

A teenage vampire is about to kill a girl in town, but finds out that the other party is a vampire hunter, and they secretly fall in love ?