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Hollywood's Most Classic Horror Movie "The Shining", Do You Really Understand What It's Talking About?


Erotic Crime Suspense

In order to satisfy his voyeurism, the man even installed cameras in every corner of the hotel!

After experiencing a failed relationship, the heroine of the movie decides to change her living environment and start a new life. So, she moved into the "Shard" building. It didn't take long for Carly to meet two suave men, Jack and Zeke. Through these two men, Carly discovers an amazing secret. The original tenant of the house she rented committed suicide, and a neighbor who knew the matter was also killed in the building shortly after. After a deep relationship with Zeke, Carly discovered that he turned out to be the owner of the apartment, and in the corner of the apartment, there were cameras set up by Zeke to satisfy his voyeurism. For a time, the suspicion of the murderer of the two deceased fell on Zeke. However, is all this an illusion or a fact?

2.The Boy

horror supernatural bloody violence

Don't click this if you're a coward! Scary puppet come back to life...Young nanny is asked to take care of a puppet boy yet she breaks the rules and causes a series of supernatural events...

There are no ghosts in the movie, there is only a severely mentally ill boy whose actual age is 28 years old and his mental age is only 8 years old. A series of horror scenes caused by dolls in the film just show the boy's diseased psychology and the heroine's grief after losing her child. The film uses lengthy and dark pictures to depict the boy's step by step into an incurable madman, murderous and violent maniac due to the doting of his parents. Parents end up committing suicide by condoning the mistakes of their doting son. The boy finally seriously injured the heroine's ex-boyfriend and the heroine's boyfriend, and was stabbed by the heroine. The heroine and her boyfriend drove away from this dangerous place.

3.The Lobster

surreal absurd art

Lobster—— Singles keep out!Those who don't date, will be turned into animals and exiled to the woods? Unless...

Although the whole film is full of exaggerated surreal plots and dramatic editing in form, every emotion of the characters is real and believable under the absurd appearance. There is a famous cold-blooded woman living in the hotel in the film. She does not communicate with anyone. She can hunt a dozen loners at a time, and she is ruthless and ruthless. When David was in the hotel, he pretended to be cold-blooded and tried to pair with this woman, but the cold woman brutally killed David's dog and debunked David's disguise. Such a ruthless and unrighteous woman is not at all obtrusive in the whole story, her ruthlessness is just to make herself live one more day. Here, people can only defend themselves in the cruelest way if they are not willing to succumb to the absurd system.

4.The Shining

horror spooky thriller hollywood classic

The creepiest thriller in cinematic history!Here's Johnny! Experience the addictive insanity once again in 'The Shining' 

The male protagonist of the film, Jack, is a teacher. After resigning, he switched careers to become a writer, but he has not been able to improve and suffers from alcoholism. After a drunken accident, he dislocated his son's arm. After the accident, Jack decided to stop drinking. His son, Danny, fantasized about a little friend living in his mouth, named Tony. At this time, my father found a job suitable for quiet writing, that is, guarding a closed hotel in winter. After arriving at the hotel and starting work, only a family of three remained in the mountains. The father works with peace of mind, and the mother and son play every day. After a month, many strange things happened in the hotel. Jack became a madman and chased his wife and children with an axe. After some setbacks, the husband froze to death outside the hotel, and the mother and son left.