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IU Turns Into A Ghost Proprietress Of Hotel Del Luna And Begins A Fantastic Romance With Human Jin-goo Yeo!

1.Price of Passion

Romantic Domineering Turkish Drama Doctor Killer Marriage

The romance of a killer and a doctor who first got married and then fell in love!

This is a particularly classic love drama, which depicts the various experiences of two completely different protagonists. The male protagonist is a killer, and the female protagonist is a doctor. The two have completely opposite occupations, but their fate is gradually approaching because of a conspiracy. Originally, the female protagonist was working normally in the hospital, but in the process, the male protagonist chose to hijack the female protagonist because of various incidents. When watching the show at first, it feels like it's a crime drama that might end up revolving around various events between the two main characters. But after that, the male protagonist asked the female protagonist to marry him, and the two gradually developed a deeper relationship, which also made people feel a little incredible. As the series progressed, the two protagonists began to become more tacit.

2.Tramps Like Us

Romantic Comedy Japanese Drama

A woman accidentally picked up a beautiful boy and raised him as a pet!

This drama tells the story of Iwatani, a highly educated beauty who works in the news department, after finding out that her boyfriend is actually pregnant with another woman, she is determined to find a man with a higher education, height and income than her. After her love career suffered a blow, she accidentally picked up a beautiful young peach in a cardboard box at the door of her house. After the boy woke up, he stayed at her house for a long time, so he started a wonderful cohabitation life.

3.Hotel Del Luna

Jin-goo Yeo IU Fantasy Paranormal Goblin Healing Sadomasochism

IU and Jin-goo Yeo lovingly interpret the fantasy romance of humans and ghosts!

The play tells the story of a hotel that only accepts ghosts. This hotel only hosts ghosts left on Earth during the full moon. One day, a man who stole something to buy food for his son accidentally fell down the stairs while avoiding the police. When he met the Millennium Demon Zhang Manyue, he found out that he was still alive and made a deal with him. If he was saved, he would send his son to her in 20 years, he thought he was dreaming and agreed, but he didn't wake up, but it wasn't a dream. Twenty years later, the son runs the hotel together with Zhang Man-wol at the Del Luna Hotel.

4.Madame Antoine

romantic horoscope divination psychology

An excellent man who returned from studying abroad actually fell in love with a single mother?

The drama is a romantic comedy with the theme of psychiatry. It tells the romantic love story of Gao Huilin, a fake "fortune teller" who can read what other people think, and Choi Soo Hyun, a psychologist who has no sense of love. Choi Soo Hyun is committed to proving to the world that "love does not exist", and silently conducts a "Mrs. Antoine" psychology program with the same name as his own psychological clinic. And Gao Huilin, a fortune-teller who is eager for heart-wrenching love, was accidentally involved in "Mrs. Antoine's plan, and the two started a special love story in a whirlpool of psychological games.