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Kim Go Eun and Park Jin Young are in love!

1.Yumi's Cells2

Romance·K-Drama·Comedy(Release Date:2022/6/11)

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Romance	Comedy K-Drama GOT7

Park Jin Young and Kim Go Eun stage a sweet romance! Yumi's Cells accompany you to relive the heartbeat of love.

2.Check Out

BL·Romance·Comedy(Release Date:2022/6/12)

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BL Romance Comedy

Super Sweet Thai BL Couple! Two guys who met unexpectedly at the resort, staged a romantic love from secret love to passionate love!

3.The Jinx's Lover

Romance·Comedy·Fantasy(Release Date:2022/6/16)

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Romance	Comedy Fantasy

Seo Hyun's Fantasy Love Journey! A human man who has turned against his unfortunate fate, and a mysterious goddess, plunge into the unknown world and start an adventure!

4.Love, Victor Season 3

BL·Comedy·Romance(Release Date:2022/6/16)

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BL Romance Comedy

Final choice! Victor meets his new friend Nick at church. What kind of spark will he and Nick create? What should Benji do next?


Sci-Fi·Crime·Thriller(Release Date:2022/6/17)

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Sci-Fi Crime Thriller

Chris Hemsworth turns into a genius warden and uses prisoners in a high-tech prison to experiment with drugs to control emotions. When prisoners develop unexpected friendships, can the experiment continue?