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Romance of Humans and Monsters? Fairy Tale? Oscar's Best Picture 'The Shape of Water' Actually Tells Reality In The Style Of A Fantasy Movie

1.The Shape of Water

Oscar Sci-Fi Monster Fantasy Romance Metaphor

It won an Oscar for Best Picture! People who have love have the right to orgasm

The story of the film is set during the Cold War. The heroine Eliza is a mute without parents. Although she only works as a cleaner, she is a woman who lives an unambiguous life. She makes herself breakfast and takes a bath every morning. , masturbation, well arranged. Eliza works in a heavily guarded secret government laboratory, where the head of the security section played by Michael Shannon holds the power and implements a strict bureaucratic militarized management. When Eliza was working, she inadvertently fell in love with a mysterious water monster, the object of her laboratory research. The communication between the two began with eggs and music, and gradually the water monster even learned sign language. Unable to bear the cruel torture of the water monster in the laboratory, Eliza decides to rescue the water monster from the laboratory with the help of her colleagues and gay painter neighbors.

2.The Night Clerk

voyeur crime suspense

The hotel waiter secretly photographed female customers, but accidentally turned into a criminal suspect!

The male protagonist is a night shift waiter who has been working in the lobby of a hotel for some time. He works very hard, and usually does not make any mistakes, but it is because of this that he was listed as a first-level suspect by the police after a murder case. Why? It turned out that this person actually had a very bad habit, that is, using surveillance to record the every move of the guests. Many people suspected that he had some bad tendencies, so he did this. But in fact, this person is only autistic, and he is more afraid of communicating with people, so after doing some such things, he did not dare to explain to people, so he began to be questioned by the police, and The threat of the killer can only use his own strength to detect the case and find an innocence for himself, so can he really help himself find innocence?

3.Nocturnal Animals

marriage family crime revenge Jake Gyllenhaal

After 19 years of cheating and abandoning her son, she finally waited for her ex-husband's revenge

"Nocturnal Animal" is the title Edward gave to Susan because she was often insomniac and could not sleep well at night. Twenty years ago, two students who were still students met on the streets of the United States. Because they were childhood sweethearts since childhood, they had a crush on each other. Now the sudden encounter has made the fire in their hearts ignite... He likes her artistic atmosphere, and she loves his sensitivity and delicacy. Edward wanted to be a writer with romance and ideals. Susan is independent and a realist. The two were soon married. But not long after the marriage, Susan began to complain that Edward was too cowardly and had no plans for the future. The two began to quarrel constantly, and finally broke down on a rainy night. At that time, Susan had just killed and Edward's child, snuggled in the arms of another man, and Edward happened to bump into all this. She killed the relationship and their children... After the divorce Susan married her then lover, Edward never got married and she never got in touch with him...

4.Edward Scissorhands

Sci-Fi Fantasy Robot Romance CP Johnny Depp Winona Ryder

Johnny Depp and Winona Ryder's love work! Romance of robot and human girl!

The film tells a sad fairy tale. Edward is a robot, and the person who invented him died unexpectedly in the process of making him, so Edward's hands are in the form of scissors. Lonely Edward, I don't know how many years he has lived in the castle, the salesman Peg passed by and found the lonely Edward. Edward is popular in the small town, and people love this ill-spoken, but often helpful "robot". However, Edward, who became the focus of the town, also had his own troubles in his heart. He fell in love with Peg's daughter, Kim, the salesman who brought him home. When Edward and Kim met, Kim already had a boyfriend, and Kim's boyfriend didn't like Edward very much, so all Edward could do was to guard Kim's side and even steal for her. Afterwards, Edward saved a child from a car accident, but the scissors accidentally scratched the child's face. All the townspeople saw was Edward hurting an innocent child. Jin understands that Edward can only leave, but Jin's boyfriend does not give up, he must make Edward disappear from the world!