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A Young Girl Fall In Love With Housewives! Will "Carol" Choose To Leave The Family To Be With Her?

1.Portrait of a Lady on Fire

GL Romance Oscar Cannes Film Festival

The awakening of female self-consciousness and equal love

The story takes place on the Brittany Peninsula in western France in the 18th century. A female painter was commissioned to come to this small island to paint a picture for a rich lady. The young lady's sister committed suicide because she resisted the arranged marriage, so the young lady wants to marry her. If the other party nods and agrees after seeing the painting, then the marriage is over. At first, the young lady did not agree with the portrait, but she finally agreed to the portrait. During the relationship between the young lady and the painter, their feelings continued to heat up as they stared at each other. In the end, the two had to usher in a separation, and the artist could only reminisce about the miss and created the painting "Portrait of a Burning Woman". It was the image of the lover that remained in her heart.

2.The Half of It

GL friendship love triangle youth campus

The girl helps her friend flirt with the school goddess, who ends up falling in love with her!

The film tells the story of a Chinese lesbian who immigrated to the United States. It's just that the place of the story shifts from New York to the fictional American town of Squahamish, and the protagonist changes from an excellent surgeon to a taciturn high school honor student. Ellie Chu, a Chinese-American high school student, subsidizes her family by helping her classmates write essays. Paul, a straight man who is not good at speaking, asks her to help him write a love letter to the campus goddess Aster, but Ellie also has a crush on Aster. So, Aster thought she and Paul kept in touch with letters and text messages, and began to communicate with Paul, but in fact she has been communicating with Ellie. In the process, Ellie and Paul gradually became close friends, and Aster and Aster also had a travel experience by chance. Until the lie was exposed, Ellie finally bravely expressed her feelings.

3.Water Lilies

GL friendship love triangle youth campus

If you only see the eroticism of this movie, it means you haven't understood it

The story revolves around three 15-year-old girls, Marie, Anne and Floriane. Marie is thin and small, not a girly girl, and her best friend Anne is just the opposite of her figure. They all have low self-esteem for themselves and are hesitant to change clothes in the dressing room. Contrasted with them was Floriane, the captain of the synchronized swimming team, blond and beautiful. Marie was attracted to her the first time she saw her in the swimming pool. She found her, offered to see her training, and said, I can do anything for you. We see Floriane from Marie's point of view, so we see her as very bright, and she is easy to handle with boys. It is rumored that she has already had sexual experience. And as Marie gets to know her, we discover that she is not what she appears to be. The entire movie is inseparable from the swimming pool. The content describes how Marie, who wants to be a water ballerina, meets Floriane, the flower of the ballet team, and the two develop an unusual friendship.


GL Romance Cannes Film Festival family marriage feminism

This is a film that embodies female independence and femininity

The movie is about the love story of two women, why only one name is used as the title of the film, not the other girl Therese, or Carol and Therese? The answer can be found in the second half of the video. You will find that Triss, like Carroll's husband Haji, and her flirtatious girlfriend Abby, are all characters used to set off Carroll's character. It's just that Therese became the most important part of Carroll's life during this period. Carroll bravely expressed her same-sex orientation as she battled with her husband for custody of their daughter.