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A 15-year-old girl accidentally became a mother, but as her son grows old, she remains young forever! Fantasy animated film "Maquia: When the Promised Flower Blooms"

1.Hello World

Science Fiction Mystery Fantasy Romance First Love Campus Youth

This is an anime movie that integrates science fiction, reasoning, and romance!

The film tells the story of an introverted boy who suddenly meets himself from 10 years later. The future he tells him that he will soon fall in love with his classmate Ruri, but a major accident that happens later will take his beloved girl away. Dedicated to saving his first love, Zhishi Zhishi fought side by side with himself ten years later. Holding the belief of "even if the world is destroyed, I want to see you again", he started an adventure in the memory world where reality and virtuality are intertwined. . From the perspective of love, the film expresses its own voice. If you have feelings, you have a soul. Just like the male protagonist in the real world in the movie chooses to be himself in the data world, if we in the theater are willing to believe that this story really exists, Then they may be the beautiful love that happened in another parallel time and space.

2.Maquia: When the Promised Flower Blooms

fantasy family healing touching anime

Oscar nominated animated film! The promised day and the time of parting, behind the beauty hides the tragedy

"Eoluf" is a magical town, where people are far away from people. They make a living by weaving, and they are called "the parting family". Machia, who lost her parents, lived a peaceful life surrounded by friends, but she always felt alone. In the isolated "Ioluf", her life is peaceful and monotonous. Their faces are forever, and they are immortal. Because of this, they weave the fabric of "Shibiol" every day, which carries the change and fate of the "Ioluf" people. Lonely Machia was desperate. When she was about to jump off a cliff, she heard cries from the woods and found a dead mother and a baby in her arms. Machia took the child to a small town down the mountain and was adopted by Mido, a farmer here. She named the child Ariel. As a Japanese comic film, it maintains the original fresh and beautiful style, but also outlines a heart-wrenching sense of time, and at the same time contains themes related to human emotions such as love, meeting, and parting.

3.Your Name

Fantasy Campus Youth First Love Romance Touching

Boy and girl accidentally swap bodies! They can't help but fall in love, only to find out that the memories of love are all dreams!

Tokyo high school student Taki Taki wakes up and finds that he has become a girl of the same age, a priestess at the remote Itomoru town Miyamizu Shrine, everything is like a dream. The girl Mitsuha Miyamizu fell off the bed and turned into a Tokyo boy, and the two exchanged bodies inconceivably. At first, both of them thought it was just a dream, and they messed up each other's life with the attitude of novelty and games. Every week, the two of them exchanged like this two or three times, so that the two had to think about each other and live seriously. Mitsuha even helped Taki date the female senior Oji he had always had a crush on when he swapped bodies, but after Mitsuha matched Taki and Oji, he shed tears unconsciously.


touching, affectionate, heartwarming

If you have a younger sister who stole all the love from your parents, are you jealous of her? After watching this movie, you may have a different answer!

This is a Japanese anime film about the little boy's parents who gave him a sister, but the arrival of the sister deprives the parents of their attention and concern. Whenever the little boy rushes out of the living room, he will enter into his own In this world, he saw his grown-up sister and lived in peace with her. When he returned to reality again, the little boy had reconciled with himself, and was no longer jealous of his sister and angry with his parents. The picture of the cartoon is very warm and tells the story of a family in the glass house, which is very suitable for parents and children to watch together.