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A Sexy Dancer Is Pregnant With A Child In A Car! The Most Shocking Film Of The Year "Titane"


Gore Violent Erotic Cannes Best Picture Thriller

Palme d'Or winner: she got pregnant with the car! Out of mind! The half-metal woman killed her parents and had sex with the car

This is a heterogeneous work that maximizes free creation and wanton imagination. The frequently appearing fruity, bloody and mutated scenes in the film are a huge challenge to many people. The film begins with the heroine Alexia having metal parts implanted in her brain after a childhood car accident. As an adult, Alexia, with a visible scar on her head and a half-metal body, is a flamboyant dancer. She is angry, she is world-weary, she doesn't seem to be interested in humans, she is attracted to the metal Cadillac and has a special "communication" with the car. Subsequent scenes of face-to-face killing and physical torture pushed Alexia's setting to the extreme, and she seemed like a freak. This robot-like Alexia has human signs: she's pregnant. Although she was pregnant with a child in a Cadillac. Is waiting for her an escape or redemption? It's not that simple.

2.Phone Booth

suspense crime thriller

The man received a mysterious phone call in the phone booth. Blood splattered once he hung up! ?

The film focuses on a young man who wanted to make a phone call, but received a threatening call, warning him not to get out of the phone booth or he would be shot. He didn't pay much attention to this strange guy at first, but when the phone talked about his wife Kelly and an extramarital affair, he began to panic, and he was afraid that his lies about his wife and his mistress would be exposed. So he began to listen carefully to the instructions on the phone. Outside the public phone booth, three prostitutes were waiting for the phone booth to solicit customers. Several people took turns to fight and failed to drive him out, so they had to let the pimp come on. He didn't want to let these people get involved, and used money to send them away. The pimp didn't kick him out of the phone booth in front of the woman, his dignity was insulted, and he decided to use violence to solve him, but who knew that the pimp had already been targeted by a sniper gun , One shot to kill!

3.The Last Days

Disaster Thriller Action Violent Adventure

The Last Days are coming! Global Lockdown! Horrible virus is killing humans who have left their homes…

The film tells the story of the global climate change caused by the greenhouse effect, and the world is about to fall into the second ice age. The whole film has a lot of top special effects. In this film, the most classic scene is the scene before and after the "quick freezing" in New York City. The huge waves rushed into New York, the Statue of Liberty was submerged, and Wanxiang sank in the ocean in an instant. The giant ship was rushed between the buildings. In an instant, the temperature plummeted, and New York City in the vast ocean turned into a frozen world. On the vast ice field, only the head of the Statue of Liberty remained. The human world seems so small in front of nature. Of course, in addition to the overwhelming natural threats, the unforgettable and touching emotions between father and son, and between men and women will also be closely intertwined.

4.The Grey

Disaster Thriller Action Violent Adventure Liam Neeson

Hold your breath, watch Liam Neeson fighting against wolves in the snow

The film tells a spine-chilling survival story in the cold polar regions of Alaska. On the day when the oil was nearly exhausted and the world economy was out of order, the United States recruited many outlaws and problem personnel to go to the cold polar regions of Alaska to explore the only remaining oil resources on the earth. However, on one mission, the plane carrying the workers tragically crashed in extreme weather, and the men who survived found themselves unfortunate, because they happened to fall into the territory of a wild wolf pack, and there was nowhere for them. The coldness of absence and the cold light of claws... This movie starts with an air crash in a blizzard, but it also has an unexpectedly progressive storyline, which not only makes our heart beat faster in the horror, but also Guide us to think about life in horror.