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The 14-year-old Boy Won The Best Actor At The Cannes International Film Festival For This Film "Nobody Knows"!

1.Still Walking

Healing real family

This director who has never made a bad movie, he made a story about coming home that only we know...  

Fifteen years ago, Junpei, the eldest son of the Yokoyama couple, drowned while saving someone. After that, the Hengshan family gradually formed a tradition that every year on the anniversary of Junpei's death, children from other places would rush home to reunite with the elderly to commemorate Junpei's death. This year, the anniversary of Chunping's death came again, and the second son, Liang Duo, returned to his hometown with his wife and children. Unexpectedly, the originally peaceful life was once again turbulent... The theme of the film is related to death, but death does not mean weeping, but a faint sadness. The film depicts the taste of life in ordinary trivial matters, allowing us to experience the taste of life in detail.

2.Nobody Knows

brutal real family

A family that lives on its own, love is the only guardian

A single mother, Keiko, moved with her four children to a new residence. Because the children belonged to black families and came from different fathers, they could only stay at home. The eldest eldest son, Ming, is 14 years old and takes on the responsibility of taking care of his younger siblings. Whenever his mother goes to work, he will take care of his younger siblings at home. Suddenly one day, the mother disappeared, leaving only 200,000 yen in cash for the four children, Ming can only survive hard with his younger siblings. Days passed, and all I got was the news that the mother married another person and abandoned them, and from time to time sent meager money that could not support the family, so how will these children survive in the end? The film is adapted from a real case. In 1988, an abandoned baby incident in Tokyo shocked the whole country. In a dilapidated house, people found a rotting corpse, three children who had been hungry for a long time, and they lived with the corpse, and A dead child thrown into the wild.


healing family heartwarming

In the name of children, cure the lonely big boy

The film tells the story of a little boy, Zheng Nan, who lost his father since childhood and lived with his grandmother. During the summer vacation, accompanied by Uncle Kijiro, he started a journey to find his mother. On the way, a series of funny and tearful stories happened. . The film slowly revolves around the theme of searching. In the end, although the little boy's mother was not found, in the process, they found the beauty that had been lost for a long time. The beginning and end of the film echo each other, and even the soundtrack is the same. All of them are telling us that this road of life begins without fear, and there will be many experiences in the middle, no matter whether it is sadness or joy, as long as we walk bravely, we will eventually be cured.

4.Asako I & II

Love Triangle Ethics Award Winning Movie

The Japanese director who redefines love movies

The story is about a girl's complicated triangular relationship between her current boyfriend and her ex-boyfriend. But surprisingly, the two boyfriends look exactly alike. They are neither twins, nor blood related, and the movie does not contain sci-fi elements like human clones. The film has done a very bold and avant-garde exploration in the love psychology of modern young people. Love is the passion and willfulness triggered by impulsive desires, or the trust and sense of security built by daily trivialities. The movie adopts the bizarre setting of two identical people, which forces the characters to extreme psychological pressure. What's more unique about the film is that it creates a plump and distinct image of a modern young woman like Chaozi.