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"The Voyeurs": When you are peeping at other's privacy, maybe you are also being peeped

Today, let's talk about an R-rated large-scale new movie "Voyeur" that will only be released on September 10 this year.

Let’s briefly talk about this movie. The heroine and her black boyfriend rented an apartment with floor-to-ceiling windows. By chance, they discovered that the couple on the opposite floor was applauding for love, and they didn’t notice them at all. Be seen by yourself.

In the following days, the heroine became addicted to peeping. She bought a telescope and asked her little black brother boyfriend to help herself install a ray transmission voice device (so that she could know what the other side was talking about when she peeped with the telescope) What?), as the story goes on, the heroine becomes more and more obsessed with the male photographer in the opposite building, and gradually neglects her real boyfriend, the black brother.

However, as the hostess became obsessed with voyeurism, she actually became good friends with the hostess in the opposite building, but she knew that the hostess was messing around without the hostess, and the sense of justice in her heart was so bad that she was in one night Somehow, she printed out the evidence she had collected and faxed it to the hostess in the opposite building. The hostess who learned the truth was furious, but despair followed. The next day, the hostess looked at the opposite side through the telescope again, and found that the hostess had committed suicide. She thought that her kindness would make the hostess leave, but unexpectedly After such a tragedy, the heroine's black boy boyfriend found it unacceptable, so he packed up and left her.

After the black boy boyfriend left, the heroine who lost her boyfriend and her good friend released her whole body and mind. She was eager to meet the photographer who was in the opposite building. Finally, one night, she was in a bar. He met the male host, and the male host's romantic character was quickly revealed. He invited the female lead to take pictures at his home. The female lead who often peeped at him naturally knew what it meant. When she arrived at the photographer's house, the heroine completely released herself and hugged the male photographer, but what she didn't expect was that the black brother's boyfriend, who regretted leaving her and mad at her, bought her a bunch. Hua, wanted to come back and apologize to her, but ended up seeing her cheating with the photographer through a telescope. The heartbroken black brother committed suicide.

The heroine who feels regret has returned to her ordinary and boring life. Let me mention here that the heroine is an optometrist. Her usual job is optometry and then fitting glasses to customers, which is boring and boring. It didn't take long for the photographer's personal exhibition on the opposite floor to open, and his girlfriend's best friend invited her to participate. However, what the hostess never dreamed of was that at the exhibition, the hostess she thought had passed away was actually still alive. After kissing the photographer in public, she looked at her sarcastically, and slowly told a story.

It turned out that all this was planned by the photographer and the couple. They chose the target on the day the heroine moved in, performed a scene for the heroine, and compared the reaction of the heroine and the black brother's boyfriend. It was recorded and made into a tragic story.

To be honest, if this movie ended here, maybe the score might be higher, because after watching this movie from beginning to end, the heroine is the most hateful one. At this end, the heroine was punished. , also sounded the alarm for the audience, but it may be the revenge plot of the clichéd movie, and the director let the story continue. The heroine who was ridiculed in public and beaten was determined to leave this place, but at this time she discovered a fact that made her even more desperate. Her boyfriend did not commit suicide, but after drinking the sleeping pills given by the opposite couple, he was disguised as suicide homicide, and the purpose of all this is to make the show "Voyeur" that the photographer participated in to sell well. The heroine determined to take revenge led the photographer and his girlfriend out, tricked them into drinking alcohol with sleeping pills in advance, then began to count their crimes, and then quietly watched them fall to the ground after the effects of the drugs took effect.

In the end, the heroine put the two comatose people on the optometry chair, and then started the machine that she usually uses for optometry, directly destroying the eyes of the two people and making them blind. At the end of the film, the couple who became blind photographers hugged tightly, watching them look dazed and helpless, standing on the rooftop looking at them with a telescope, the heroine silently put down the telescope, and then quietly left, the story ends here.