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"Succession" : The power struggle between two generations, full of drama and conflict

"Battle of Succession" is an American TV series. It has three seasons now. Each episode is more than 60 minutes long. If you add it up, it will be about 30 episodes.

First of all, let's talk about the drama "Battle of Succession", which is really dramatic, and it's not offensive when this kind of drama appears. Because it seems normal for the logic in this play.

This drama actually tells the story of a very large media family, and the old man of this family is the kind of person who is very controlling. The old man is actually not in good health, but he still wants to be in power.

There are four children in this family, the eldest brother (second from right) usually doesn't care about things, the second brother (second from left) really wants to inherit, and the third brother (first from left) also wants to inherit, but the style is completely different from the second brother. The fourth sister (the first from the right) of course also wanted to inherit it very much, but she showed the feeling of being indifferent to the world.

Because this has already reflected some of the internal structure of the family, it may be considered a struggle between the second brother, the third brother and the fourth sister at the beginning, but what is actually presented is how the second brother seizes power from the old man. the process of.

The drama of the show presents a struggle between two generations at this power transition. And it is completely presented in front of the audience, some thoughts about these characters.

The second reason for recommending this drama is the conflict after the entangled interests of the parent-child relationship presented in this drama.
The process of watching this drama is very interesting, because I feel that there are no permanent relatives, only permanent interests.

For the old man, although the four children are all biological, when he wants to divide power, he never wants to divide it. So that some viewers will search to see if these four children are biological.

In fact, the second brother does always put the company first in this family. Of course, the purpose of putting the company first is to become the person in power and the king of this media family.

But this kind of change of power is so bumpy. After the battle of succession started, the second brother was the first to be resolved in this family.

This solution does not mean to solve his life, but to solve the prestige he had accumulated in this company. From this perspective, it was a severe humiliation for the second brother. So this process is very cruel.

The thing that appeals to me the most is actually the core of the plot presented. The pursuit of interests will never stop, and will not stop because of the parent-child relationship.

Those who are unwilling to delegate power, even when they are out of control, will still have the prestige accumulated over the years and be able to make decisions.

Although the roles are full of conflicts, it is ultimately to meet the interests of the company's continued development. The old man has been in charge of the company for so many years. Although he was already in debt at the beginning of the game, he is still trusted by the children. .
Watching this drama, you can intuitively experience how important interest is to these characters in the drama. In order to compete for this interest that he has, or the identity of the person in power, it is always an inevitable pursuit of ambition.