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"True Detective S3": What secrets are hidden behind the unsolved case?

The third season of "True Detective" only aired two episodes, and it received praises of Douban 9.4 and IMDb 9.0.

The story of each season of "True Detective" exists independently. Even if you haven't watched the content of the first two seasons, it will basically not affect the understanding of the plot of the third season.

I still remember that when "True Detective" started its first season in 2014, it surpassed "Game of Thrones" in both ratings and word-of-mouth, thus establishing the show's status in the arena.

Matthew McConaughey and Woody Harrelson used their superb acting skills to push the first season of "True Detective" to the height of the drama.
After the word-of-mouth decline in the second season of "True Detective", the audience waited four years for the return of the third season, which shows the importance the main creators attach to the quality of the episode.

It is worth mentioning that the two co-stars of the first season, Matthew McConaughey and Woody Harrelson, served as executive producers for this season.

Many viewers think that the plot setting and atmosphere rendering of the third season are somewhat similar to the first season. Judging from the two episodes that have been broadcast, the third season may not necessarily reach the level of the first season, but it is significantly better than the second season in quality. First of all, the texture of the picture presented in the title has the temperament that a high-quality drama should have, which makes you reluctant to fast-forward, and even watch it over and over several times.

True Detective season three has three different timelines: 1980, 1990, and 2015.

The starring Mahershala Ali once won the Oscar for Best Supporting Actor for the movie "Moonlight", and recently won the Golden Globe Award for Best Supporting Actor for the movie "Green Book". I have to admire Ali's solid and superb acting skills in the play. He performed the different faces and states of the male protagonist at three ages, which made people shine.

The second timeline in the show mentions that in 1990, when Wayne was investigated by the authorities, he learned that he had arrested the wrong person ten years earlier.
Julie, the girl who disappeared ten years ago, is still alive because the fingerprints collected by the police at the scene of a burglary match exactly with Julie.

The third timeline was in 2015, when the elderly Wayne was interviewed by the documentary, and many details and clues were also buried here.
At this time, Wayne's memory has a problem, you can feel his confusion and struggle from his eyes.

Wayne's deceased wife, Emilia, was also a teacher of the Purcells in the first timeline. She wrote a non-fiction about the disappearance, and the contents of the book may hide important clues.

The third season of "True Detective" not only solves the truth of the case, but also involves the social problems behind it through a disappearance case.
Woodard's loss represents the plight of many Vietnam veterans. After they came back from the battlefield, they were reduced to a marginalized group of society and were not taken seriously.

They are deeply affected by "post-traumatic stress disorder" (PTSD) and can't get back to who they were. In those days, it was difficult for ordinary people to understand them.

"I commute step by step, dress like a man in the morning, and to be honest, I'm in a mess."
What Wayne said to Woodard was describing his ordinary life as a small person, and everyone was actually going through difficult times in their own lives.

The issue of racial discrimination is also mentioned in the play. Perhaps because of his identity as a person of color, Wayne does not have much say in the decision-making of the entire case.

The third season of "True Detective" presents a movie-like texture in terms of plot, title, performance, editing, soundtrack, etc.
The plots of the three timelines transition freely, and perhaps in the subsequent plots, there will be unexpected connections between the stories of these different timelines.

This is a good show that requires patience to watch and is worth savoring. Compared with the difficult and tortuous process of solving the case, the reality behind the truth is even more terrifying.