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With an average points of 9.5 in five seasons, "Better Call Saul" was nominated for 60 American TV drama awards!

On February 23, 2020, the American drama circle ushered in an "earthquake". Cheers to celebrate the return of the peerless drama, and wait for updates on time.

The protagonist in the return story is Thor who defends the drug lords in "Breaking Bad". Because his life story is too exciting, AMC filmed it as a spin-off TV series "Coquettish Lawyer".

In 2015, the first season of "The Coquettish Lawyer" aired. As soon as the episode appeared in front of the audience, it aroused an enthusiastic response. The first four seasons were nominated for a total of 60 American TV drama awards, including the Golden Globes, Emmys, Screen Actors Guild Awards, and more.

What I want to introduce to you today is the latest return of the fifth season of "The Coquettish Lawyer". The premiere rating soared to 9.8, with a 100% freshness rating on Rotten Tomatoes, and it won the highest score in 5 seasons.

In the first four seasons, Jimmy experienced various failures-
Neglected by his brother, threatened by drug lords, and even revoked his lawyer's license. No matter how hard you try, you cannot become a lawyer admired by others.
Then the time came to the fifth season, and the disappointed Jimmy decided to change. The first step in the change was to abandon the past name and start a new life with the name "Saul Goodman".

"Beautiful Attorney" is a spinoff of "Breaking Bad". Of course, audience groups overlap.
The first four seasons of the story are detailed descriptions of Jimmy's past life. At the beginning of season 5, Jimmy becomes Thor, which means that the timeline in this season's story will coincide with that of "Breaking Bad". Jimmy officially became a lawyer for the drug lords, and in the process met Lao Bai (Breaking Bad actor).
The intersection of the two story lines makes the story more grand and exciting, thus attracting a large audience.

The director knows very well what the audience wants to see, so at the beginning of the fifth season, he filmed a story of "timeline in the period of Breaking Bad": after the death of Lao Bai, Jimmy hid in a dessert shop to work, but was caught by accident. Recognize it, throwing up the suspense of "what will happen to Jimmy's fate."

Then the timeline goes back many years ago, when Jimmy became Thor.

Because I have seen Jimmy laundering money, running away, and making false evidence in "Breaking Bad", I look forward to his blackening process even more, and I want to know: what is the situation that can make the determination to change from evil to righteousness? People are on the verge of death again.

Because of this setting, the story of the fifth season of "The Coquettish Lawyer" is full of sins. As soon as the chapter begins, there is an incident in which Jimmy fights a successful lawsuit and deceives his client against the principle of lawyers. In just a few minutes, it laid the groundwork for Jimmy's future changes.

Immediately after, Jimmy broke the rules and used the method of "send a mobile phone + 50% off defense" to attract customers. Because of this promotion, Jimmy was involved in a family dispute between drug dealers by accident. The drama is full of dark elements such as money, power, worthless human life, etc., which makes people want to stop...

In "Breaking Bad", Lao Bai's life is full of drama. The original intention was to leave enough money for his wife and children to live before the terminally ill death, so he took the risk to manufacture drugs. But by accident, he became a world-famous drug dealer.

The same is true of Jimmy in "The Coquettish Lawyer." At first he wanted to be a good guy, but everything changed when he was accused of being in jail after a prank as a teenager. No matter how hard he tried in the future, he couldn't wash away this unbearable past.

In the story, Jimmy said: "I've paid for it all my life." The sad tone made the audience feel extremely sad.
In the process of Jimmy becoming Sol, what role did Jimmy's heart play, and how many reasons did the outside world suppress him? I believe this season of "Coquettish Lawyer" can give us the answers we want.