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Transgender, Cross-species hybridization,"Titane" is stunning!

On October 19, 2021, "Titane", which had just won the Palme d'Or Best Picture at the 74th Cannes Film Festival, was released on the US online media, which immediately aroused heated discussions among netizens, "Tie up! Your seatbelt, because Titanium is a crazy ride," is no exaggeration, since crazy is just the most moderate word to describe the film.

"Titanium" not only involves a lot of violent and bloody scenes, but also the heroine Alexia has many intimate scenes with the same sex and full L shots. What is even more incredible is that Alexia's sexual orientation is not only transgender but also transracial. Fall in love with a car and end up having a baby with it!

If you want to set the type of "Titanium", which can be called a bizarre film, then it can completely stand on its own as a "fantasy ethical horror film" and "master".

And this pioneering feature film won the Best Picture Award at this year's Cannes Film Festival with an unrivaled advantage, and it can even be said that it has already booked this year's Academy Award for Best Foreign Language Film Award, and there are more radical film critics Mentioned that "Titanium" will also have the opportunity to compete for the Oscar for Best Picture. Let's take a look at the ability of such a "magic film" to impress so many audiences.

When Alexia was a little girl, she was very rebellious. It was because she kept provoking her father and suddenly unbuckling her seat belt in a moving car that the car accident that changed her life happened.

After the recovery, Alexia was different from ordinary people. In order to cure her, the doctor installed a titanium plate on Alexia's head to replace her missing skull. Since then, Alexia has become a prosthetic person, with a bit of cyberpunk flavor.

After being implanted with titanium plates, Alexia has not only been transformed physically, but her mind and spirit also seem to have undergone tremendous changes. She no longer sees herself as a woman, or even as an ordinary person. Thinking that she was closer to machinery, she began to fall in love with cars that were also made of metal, and appeared in major auto shows as a car model.

Alexia, who has already classified herself as an alien in her mind, can't stand people treating her as a woman, so she starts killing Justine, the girl who pursued her male fans at the auto show, and the girl who became interested in her when she was changing clothes, and actually attacked her. In other words, a half-human, half-mechanical prosthesis is a more appropriate label for her identity.

After eliminating the alien, Alexia was suddenly summoned by a car. After a real "car shock" with this "similar", Alexia found out that she was pregnant.

After brutally killing five people, Alexia became a wanted target. At this time, she decided to break with her original family. Alexia set fire to her parents and wrapped her chest and bulging abdomen with bandages. , broke his nose, cut his hair short, and made himself a male.

Alexia tries to escape the city. After finding a child-seeking notice at the airport, Alexia decides to take the risk of impersonating the old father's son. The old man is an elderly fire chief who seems to see Alexia's inconvenience and wants to help her. Getting through it, the old man lied that it was his son who took Alexia from the police.

After getting along for a period of time, Alexia dispelled the idea of ​​killing the old man and continuing to flee. They depended on each other and developed a true parent-child relationship. In the end, Alexia gave birth successfully under the care of the old man and gave birth to a cyberpunk baby with a metal spine. , died himself.

This seemingly imaginative and even nonsense plot is actually not so puzzling. This film metaphorically tells about the struggle between repressed feminism and patriarchy, and the real society that regards women as playthings. Alexia is in a car accident. Later, he realized the awakening of self-consciousness, and finally completed the sublimation: he gave birth to a baby whose father is a car, a real "automobile" (Transformers?), which is the image of the awakening of women's rights.

Julia Dukuno, who played the heroine Alexia in "Titanium", also appeared in a movie for the first time in her life. As a debut work, "Titanium" is very difficult for a girl, and it is necessary to have a close fight with her opponent. Action scenes, but also large-scale scenes with full L, Julia-Ducuno has done it very well, and no one thinks this is her first film work.

Under the seemingly cruel and paradoxical appearance of such a movie, it actually discusses a serious topic, and these require the audience to really put themselves into it and fully understand the plot to feel it. In fact, not many movies can feel it. can be done.