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[Popular Episodes] High-sweet Korean drama, "Love Alarm" is so sweet that the male protagonist is so sweet!


《Love Alarm》

Xuan Ao Zhao Tiao is the initial appearance of love. Compared with Hui Yong Luzao, the audience may pay more attention to two injured people hugging each other, overcoming both gains and losses, and loving each other bravely. Only with the person who is most excited is the original appearance of love. When I see you, other people and other scenes become the background board. Only you are my eternal light.

《Pretty Sister Who Buys Me Food》

A beautiful sister who often invites me to dinner, I think this topic seems a little wrong. The plot is really super sweet, so sweet that I want to fall in love! The hostess' parents raised Kyung Sun Jun Hee's siblings as their own children. So, Jin Er and Junxi, everyone thought they were two brothers and sisters, from infatuation, caring for each other, to enemies of the whole world for love, they became adults in this relationship, and they knew more about love and being loved. , and become more courageous and mature. Ding Kwai brought in all kinds of things. It turns out that Korean dramas are so healing, curing all anxiety and unhappiness!

《True Beauty》

"The Arrival of the Goddess" is a Korean drama adapted from a manga. It tells the story of a woman who originally had an inferiority complex about her appearance, and who later became a goddess through makeup and a man with hidden pain who met, shared secrets with each other and grew up together!

Everyone has an ideal self in their hearts, and everyone will work harder to become the ideal self. In fact, it is good to be a better self every day. The perfect male protagonist, the scumbag second male protagonist, the friendly friend and the shadow of the past make the female protagonist dare not move forward or step back, be patient, be strong, even if you can't see hope, still believe in yourself. The first thing we age is not our looks, but our reckless drive. After really working hard, you will find that you are much better than you imagined!

《Gangnam Beauty》

The looks of the male and female protagonists in the play are amazing! The powerful male protagonist will take you to identify green tea! The second female lead is secretly digging a hole for the female lead, while deliberately approaching the male lead. Knowing that the heroine is an acquired beauty, she has to deliberately provoke the topic of cosmetic surgery to embarrass the heroine. And the male protagonist is a high-level male god, and he is not interested at all in the scheming routine of the second female madly acting like a spoiled child, and the second female has nothing to say. At the same time, the female protagonist takes the route of cutting men. In addition to intimacy, cuteness is also a must. Xiuya can make people scream so sweet and cute with only a little detail of her top!